NovoaGlobal has secured a contract from Brightline to deliver a railroad crossing safety solution called Railroad-Safe.

Brightline is constructing a high-speed inter-city railway line between Miami and Orlando in Florida, US.

The railroad crossing safety solution will be used to warn and instruct drivers on the prevention of rail-related accidents.

Railroad-Safe is also a Vision Zero traffic safety solution suitable for use at railroad crossings to gather information and educate the public.

It will also help in the reduction of traffic violations, lowering the risk of vehicle accidents.

Drivers failing to notice the railroad warning signals and driving through the crossing gates when trains are approaching will be identified by the safety solution.

Railroad-Safe adheres to state and federal statutes such as stopping 15ft from rail crossings besides not proceeding through the crossing gate nor entering the crossing without space to clear.

Additionally, the safety solution will facilitate mandatory stopping for buses and trucks.

“With Railroad-Safe, all motorists learn to exercise caution around the tracks,” NovoaGlobal stated.

NovoaGlobal president and CEO Carlos Lofstedt said: “We are honored Brightline recognised the importance of providing our life-saving railroad photo enforcement warning solution to improve the safety of citizens.

“We look forward to supplying our cutting-edge technology and services to Brightline to enhance the successful implementation of Brightline’s new high-speed rail system.”

NovoaGlobal’s railroad photo enforcement warning system identifies and records the vehicle and tag number of vehicles neglecting the railroad warning signals and driving through the crossing gates while trains are approaching.

Last year in May, Sabre subsidiary Radixx entered the rail market in collaboration with Brightline.