Sabre subsidiary Radixx has entered the rail industry through a partnership with Brightline to support Florida’s rail network.

Brightline is the US’s only private high-speed passenger rail system developed to link city pairs and congested corridors that are too long to drive or too close to fly.

With work to expand the line to Orlando in progress, Brightline is currently operating in Florida between Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

In a statement, Radixx said: “The entrance into the rail market comes at a time when there is significant opportunity in domestic travel options, as Americans look for alternatives to flying and driving and are seeking more sustainable travel options.”

Under the partnership, Brightline will go live on Radixx Res later this year in a bid to enhance the passenger experience and grow revenue.

Radixx Res is a cloud-hosted passenger service system (PSS) that provides unrestricted ancillary upsells.

The rail system will use Radixx Retailer, which is a retailing module assembled within the PSS.

Brightline will also utilise the Radixx ezyCommerce internet booking engine to display its brand identity and digital storefront.

Radixx said that the built-in Profiles Module in the Content Management System (CMS) will allow Brightline to propose custom-made offers to the right commuter on a timely basis.

Brightline chief technology officer Ramon Milan-Peeneda said: “Brightline always prioritises the guest experience and works hard to identify the best technology solutions to meet our travellers’ demands.

“We were impressed by Radixx’s ability to meet our timelines and feel confident that their partnership with Sabre will bring the highest level of value to us and our guests.”

Brightline will also deploy Movement Manager, Sabre’s cloud-hosted operations management solution, in an effort to enhance daily route operations and offer reliable services.