London Underground’s Victoria Tube line has reopened today morning after engineers of Transport for London (TfL) fixed a cement concrete leakage.

The cement concrete was procured to fill voids as part of Victoria station renovation works, but leakage damaged signalling equipment in one of the line’s control rooms.

"Our engineers have worked tirelessly through the night."

Following the incident, which caused massive disruption to thousands of travellers yesterday, the line was closed temporarily between Warren Street and Brixton. Other lines remained open.

London Underground operations director Nigel Holness said: "Contractors had been working on the new station in an area next to the Victoria line signal control room.

"These works involved the use of water and cement which leaked into the room, damaging equipment."

Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines operations director Peter McNaught said: "Our engineers have worked tirelessly through the night and have successfully repaired the damaged signalling equipment."

The Victoria Line is one of the busiest on the London Underground network.