Swiss railway rolling stock manufacturer Stadler has been contracted by Dutch public transport company Syntus to maintain 16 Stadler Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train (FLIRT) vehicles.

Stadler has announced plans for the development of a new depot in Hengelo, the Netherlands, following the deal, where five employees familiar with FLIRT units will carry out the maintenance of the vehicles.

The initiative is expected to ensure all servicing work is conducted rapidly and as cost-effectively as possible, while also expanding Stadler's service activities in the Netherlands.

The company will be responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the 16 Stadler FLIRT rail vehicles up to 2032 under the deal.

Syntus awarded the initial contract for the delivery of the FLIRT electrical low-floor multiple units in January last year.

"The company will be responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the 16 Stadler FLIRT rail vehicles up to 2032 under the deal."

Syntus' fleet comprises of nine three-car and seven four-car 1.5kV FLIRT multiple units, which are equipped with pneumatic suspension, inviting seating arrangements and HVAC systems.

The vehicles can operate at a top speed of 160km/h and are currently running between Amersfoort and Zwolle as part of a testing programme.

The trains are set to operate on the regional line that runs between Zwolle and Kampen / Enschede. Commercial operation is expected to begin in December.

Stadler Service Netherlands will be in charge of maintaining and servicing of all the vehicles under the agreement.

Stadler is noted to have sold more than 1,400 FLIRT units across 17 countries to date.