Spanish engineering company OHL and its joint venture (JV) partner NCC have secured a contract worth almost €215m from the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) to upgrade the line between Lund and Arlöv (Malmö).

The deal will see OHL-NCC JV build the first 8km stretch between the Swedish cities of Arlöv and Flackarp.

OHL and NCC also reserve the right to contribute to the design of a further 3km between Flackarp and Lund, and the companies are expected to negotiate with the authorities with regard to its construction.

Two temporary tracks will be built parallel to the current 5km line as part of the development, as well as a recess up to 6m-deep for 5km of the planned 8km line.

A 400m stretch of underground track will also be constructed near the station at Akarp.

"Plans have been outlined for the construction of three new stations in Burlöv, Akarp and Hjärup, along with four overpasses and two underpasses along the route."

Additionally, plans have been outlined for the construction of three new stations in Burlöv, Akarp and Hjärup, along with four overpasses and two underpasses along the route.

Three underpasses will also be developed crossing the E6 / E20 road, which will be widened to three lanes in each direction.

The latest project is OHL’s first in Sweden, though the company is currently studying multiple infrastructure projects across the country.

OHL is also planning to launch a high-speed programme in Sweden in the near future.

The company has secured nearly 200 projects to date, including the Haramain High Speed Railroad project in Saudi Arabia, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railroad in Turkey and the modernisation of railroads in Czech Republic.