Central Japan Railway (JRC) is planning to set up fully owned subsidiary High-Speed-Railway Technology Consulting (HTeC) in Dallas, Texas.

JRC is the main railway company operating in the Chubu (Nagoya) region of central Japan. It will assign 20 operation experts to work with Texas Central Partners in the US to support its high-speed rail project, which will run from Dallas to Houston.

It will also serve as Texas Central’s technology advisors during the project, which is expected to generate 40,000 jobs during construction. Once operational, the new project is estimated to employ around 1,000 people.

Texas Central will buy required rolling stock and systems from a consortium of equipment manufacturers. Its partners also intend to help localise JRC’s Shinkansen bullet train technology. Construction is expected to begin by late next year, with plans to complete the project by 2021.

"Upon completion, the high-speed train will connect Texas’ two metro areas in less than 90 minutes."

Texas Central Partners’ CEO Tim Keith said: "The Shinkansen High-Speed Rail operated by Central Japan Railway (JRC) has five decades of experience and a perfect safety record, which is a major reason JRC was chosen as the technology partner by Texas Central.

"Having this office in Dallas will help ensure that the project will meet all milestones, partnering with Texans in a transformational project for our nation, our state, and the region."

As per the estimates of the Texas Department of Transportation, around 50,000 locals travel between the Dallas Region and Houston more than once a week.

Upon completion, the high-speed train will connect Texas’ two metro areas in less than 90 minutes.

Central Japan Railway’s president Koei Tsuge said: "By establishing the subsidiary company, JRC believes we will be able to support the Texas high-speed rail project by providing as much technical support as possible in a timely manner."