Hungary’s second tram line in the city of Debrecen will be officially put into service on 1 March, after the completion of testing that began in December last year.

On 4 December 2013, the first tram made its journey on the complete length of the tram line, while the handing over of Line 2 and, according to the International Rail Journal, the approval process started on 20 December.

The first tram line was constructed to link the main railway station with the campus and recreational area while it runs through the main street of Debrecen.

"The need for construction of a second line was triggered by the rising traffic levels."

The need for construction of a second line was triggered by the rising traffic levels on bus lines that were serving residential areas to the west of Line 1.

Line 2 will terminate at Doberdó Utca, and will be built to diverge from line 1 at Debrecen Plaza and link to the route of bus line 31 in order to make a single track loop at the northern end.

New CAF Urbos low-floor LRVs will run on Line 2. Around 18 new five-section 32.5m-long air-conditioned LRVs were ordered by the Debrecen public transport operator DKV from CAF in 2011.

The new 600V dc bidirectional vehicles will be able to accommodate up to 221 passengers.

Funded by the EU, the €67m line received additional €13m financing support for adjoining road construction and exchange rate losses from the Hungarian government.

With about 200,000 inhabitants living in the city, Debrecen operated seven tram lines until 1975 when six were closed.