Rail technical strategy delivery team FutureRailway has launched a competition to design a new pantograph, as part of the electrification programme.

Pantographs are currently designed so that they cannot be coupled together, and are limited in delivering the speed performance they can achieve. This drawback affects both train performance and network capacity.

"Pantographs are currently designed so that they cannot be coupled together."

The company is looking for a pantographic dynamic behaviour measurement device for use in rolling stock maintenance depots.

The new design will be tested for dynamic performance to achieve system performance, operate at higher speeds and in multiple.

Participants invited to develop proposals for this competition include innovators, engineers and designers across sectors such as transport, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and design.

The FutureRailway team works on behalf of the cross-industry Technical Strategy Leadership Group (TSLG) to incorporate the activities of the former Enabling Innovation Team.

The company provides support to practical cross-industry demonstrator projects, seeks new ideas and proposals, and understands the challenges faced by the rail industry and with potential funding.