Bombardier has announced the first railway line in Croatia to be equipped with European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) / ETCS (European Train Control System) technology has begun operations.

The company’s INTERFLO 250 ERTMS / ETCS Level 1 system is now operating on the upgraded 33.5 km section of the Pan European Corridor X.

The signalling system was delivered by a consortium of Bombardier and Site on the 33.5km section of the Vinkovci – Tovarnik line to the Serbian border, forming part of the Pan European Corridor ten between Austria and Greece.

Bombardier Transportation President Rail Control Solutions Peter Cedervall told the company is introducing ETCS technology to a new market and it is an important new reference for Bombardier for their ERTMS portfolio.

"As part of the upgrade on a section of an interoperable corridor, which will enhance travel and transport links across Europe, our technology is contributing to the development of the national rail network, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Croatian Railways," Cedervall said.

As part of the project the company had provided a next generation Lock 950 computer-based interlocking system and wayside equipment, certification of the system allowing trains to run at a speed up to 100 mph.

The system has been developed by Europe’s rail and signalling industries (UNISIG) to introduce signalling systems for cross-border traffic. Being an active member of UNISIG, Bombardier developed the system specifications, with its own balise transmission technology.

Bombardier noted ERTMS allows interoperability and cross-border operations, leading to the harmonisation of rail transport systems throughout Europe and allows supervision of every train according to its optimum characteristics. It is also allows higher line speed and shorter headways between high-speed trains, as well as increased line capacity.

Bombardier’s rail solutions are being used on more than 2,500 vehicles and 15,000 km of track, in 16 countries, the company said.