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Bombardier has won a $248m order from Frankfurt Transport Authority, VGF Germany deliver additional 78 Flexity Swift high-floor light rail vehicles (LRVs) and ten Flexity Classic trams.

The new LRVs are scheduled to be delivered to the authority between January 2014 and June 2017 and the new trams will arrive in Frankfurt/Main between August and December 2012.

The LVR and trams are being delivered under two options contract signed with VGF in March 2006 and June 2002.

VGF Managing Director Michael Budig said, "Our significant investment in these new vehicles supplied by Bombardier is absolutely essential.

"It enables us to offer our passengers a metro and tram operation of the highest standard, one that meets the requirements of VGF and the city of Frankfurt," he added.

The vehicles will be 25m long and designed such a way they can combined into 50m-long units allowing passengers to walk from one end to the other.

The uni and bidirectional vehicles will be 25m long and 2.65m wide, equipped with MITRAC propulsion system and can accommodate 184 passengers with 48 seated passengers.

The company has already delivered the first two vehicles for testing which are capable of being combined into one long unit and are scheduled to operate from February 2012.

The latest deal is fourth order Bombardier has won from VGF, bringing the total number of vehicles order to 299.

The Flexity Classic trams which are being used on the Frankfurt tram network since 2003 are 30m long and 2.4m wide.

The feature conventional wheel-set bogies ensure a smooth ride and reduce the wear and tear of wheels and tracks having seating capacity for 179 passengers.

Both vehicle types are produced at Bombardier’s site in Bautzen, Germany while electrical equipment will be produced in Mannheim and the bogies will come from Siegen facility in Germany.

Previously, the company had won an order for 60 Flexity Classic trams in December 2001 and an additional five vehicles in January 2005, 146 Flexity Swift high-floor LRVs in March 2006.

Photo caption: Bombarider won a fourth order from Germany’s VGF to supply deliver Flexity Swift high-floor light rail vehicles (LRVs) and Flexity Classic trams.