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Bombardier Transportation has secured a $38m contract to supply four additional eight-car Regio 2N double-deck electric multiple units (EMU) to French National Railway Company (SNCF).

The order forms a part of the contract signed between the companies in 2010 for 860 trains for various regions across France.

Ten French regions have currently ordered a total of 213 Regio 2N trains.

Under the recent contract, Bombardier will deliver four new trains in 2019. This will bring Brittany region’s fleet to 21 Regio 2N trains, comprising 14 eight-car trains each offering 491 seats, and seven six-car sets with 350 seats each.

"The 2+3 commuter seating arrangement offers an increased seating capacity, both on the upper and lower deck."

Bombardier said that six trains are currently running on the Rennes-Saint Malo, Rennes-Saint Brieuc-Brest, Rennes-Quimper and Rennes-Vitré lines in the Brittany region.

The 2.99m-wide Regio 2N cars have been designed to offer a maximum number of seats, while accommodating standing passengers.

The 2+3 commuter seating arrangement offers an increased seating capacity, both on the upper and lower deck, the company said.

The seating capacity in the EMU can further be increased by adding two intermediate cars.

Based on the Bombardier Omneo double-deck EMU platform, the Regio 2N fleet has travelled more than two million kilometres in service and shown strong performance results since October 2014.

These double-decker trains begun have been operating on the Paris-Chartres line for the Centre-Val de Loire Region from last November.

Bombardier’s site in Crespin, Northern France, complies with the SNCF planning and has delivered a total of 53 trains to six regions in the country.

Image: A performing fleet of more than 50 Regio 2N in commercial operation in six regions. Photo: © Bombardier.