Rail technology provider Bombardier Transportation and Huawei have demonstrated convergent wireless rail communication solutions on a rail test track in Zmigród, Poland.

The integrated rail security solutions feature Huawei’s eLTE wireless rail communication system and Bombardier’s on-board rail security portfolio and wireless gateway solution.

Products demonstrated at the event included closed circuit television (CCTV), environmental sensors for detection of gas and radiation levels, and advanced Passenger Information Systems (PIS).

"We will continue our investment and research efforts in rail technologies."

The demonstrations were aimed at a typical rail environment and day-to-day railway operational situations like intruder detection and unattended luggage, as well as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear explosives (CBRNE) detection.

Huawei wireless department general manager Li Shengli said: "The integration of smart sensors and multi-network capabilities enables efficient "train-to-ground" communication and cost savings.

"We will continue our investment and research efforts in rail technologies to increase the safety of passengers and the efficiency of rail operators."

Bombardier revealed that its on-board communications gateway within train stations prefers available Wi-Fi network coverage to maximise the benefits of unlicensed Wi-Fi frequencies.

The Bombardier demonstration also proved that the on-board unit automatically enabled data services such as video surveillance and broadband data to maximise the benefits delivered by LTE for rail, as soon as the train entered areas with wireless LTE coverage.