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Greece’s Attiko Metro has delivered 17 new trains to Urban Rail Transport as part of a €155m contract.

The Hanwa-Rotem consortium delivered the new trains after completing required tests and certifications. The contract covers the production, supply, testing and commissioning of the trains.

The trains include advanced braking system with improved control features and an upgraded air-conditioning system, a passenger information system with dual-monitor LCD displays, cameras and electronic maps.

The Series III trains are also equipped with a new smoke detection system, emergency exit windows and higher passenger safety during door closing.

The scope of the contract also includes supply of capital spare parts of the trains, the special tools, the testing and diagnostic equipment and the mock-ups.

"The €155m contract covers the production, supply, testing and commissioning of the trains."

The Elliniko, Anthoupoli and Aghia Marina Metro extensions were commissioned in 2013, while the Metro extension to Piraeus is yet to be opened.

Work is currently underway on the Metro Line 3 extension to Piraeus, with 7.6km-long tunnel and six stations, as well as the 5.4km-long single track tramway extension from Peace and Friendship Stadium to the centre of Piraeus, Attica.

Image: Attiko Metro delivers 17 new trains to Urban Rail Transport. Photo: courtesy of Attiko Metro.