US-based rail authority Metrolink has launched ‘How Full Is My Train?’, an online tool that will allow passengers to check the ridership levels for a train that they plan to board and confirm if social distancing can be followed.

The users of the tool can check the average train ridership before they plan to board the train and can choose to take another train with fewer people.

Passengers will be able to move between cars if a car is crowded.

Metrolink board chair Brian Humphrey said: “We know that safety is top of mind with our customers.

“Safety is foundational at Metrolink – and shared responsibility.   Riders are required to wear face coverings while on our platforms and onboard our trains. This tool empowers the rider to practice social distancing.”

According to a recent customer survey conducted by Metrolink, the top concerns of the riders were social distancing and cleanliness.

From the survey, it was also revealed that amenities such as electrical outlets and Wi-Fi are not as important for riders compared with the presence of hand sanitisers in the rail car.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related health concerns, Metrolink has increased the safety protocols and cleaning measures.

It has also mandated that all passengers wear face masks and coverings.