Tüpraş subsidiary Körfez Ulaştırma has received the first two EuroDual hybrid locomotives from railway rolling stock production company Stadler.

Körfez Ulaştırma took delivery of these two locomotives in Derince Port, İzmit.

They are said to be Turkey’s first bi-mode, environmentally-friendly locomotives.

In 2019, Stadler received a contract to supply seven bi-mode locomotives to Turkish rail freight operator Körfez Ulaştırma.

The contract included the delivery of seven Eurodual Co’Co’ hybrid locomotives, as well as their spare parts.

The other five locomotives will be delivered in November and December.

Once delivered, the Körfez Ulaştırma’s fleet will feature a total of 12 locomotives.

They will undergo testing before commencing operations.

Testing will be carried out by independent audit company and officials of General Directorate for Regulation of Transport Services (UHDGM) on the railway lines of TCDD (Turkish State Railways) under the approval process.

These EuroDual locomotives can run in both diesel as well as electrical modes.

Their driving control system can offer a ‘superior’ tractive effort up to 500 kN (kilonewton).

With a weight of 123t and length of 23m, they can operate trains up to 2000t and feature six axle CoCo traction system.

The locomotives can run at a maximum speed of 120km/h, with their power up to 2,800kW for diesel traction and 7,000kW for electric mode.

They are expected to save nearly 35,000t of carbon emissions annually.

EuroDual locomotives are also equipped with a European Train Control System and have Technical Specifications for Interoperability certification.