Korean engineering company EntechWorld has signed a contract with Siemens Smart Infrastructure for the supply of the main control centres, based on Spectrum Power.

These control centres will ultimately be delivered to the national railroad operator Korea National Railway.

The chief supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control centres will regulate and monitor the Korean railway system from 2024.

The Korean railway consists of more than 4,000km of tracks, handling nearly 3.5 million passengers on a daily basis.

These control centres will maintain the flow of constant energy supply to the entire rail network while providing safety.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure Digital Grid CEO Sabine Erlinghagen said: “Our software could be described as the brain of the energy supply for the complex railway network. This helps our customer Korea National Railway optimise their business while at the same time, dealing with the challenge of ensuring smooth, reliable operation of traction power supply and station facilities.”

Korea National Railway will receive the main control centre, along with the backup control centre.

Together, they will control the general power of the railway network, ensuring efficient operation of the traction power supply for the locomotives.

The control centre will feature an integrated network analysis system for streamlining the supply operations of power and detecting lapses on time.

The railway will also receive an operator training simulator (OTS).

This solution will aid Korea National Railway workers to use various applications of the control centre such as interlocking and switching procedure management.

Recently, Siemens Mobility acquired RailTerm, a Canada-based provider of rail services to railroads and transit agencies, for an undisclosed sum.