German firm IVU Traffic Technologies has received a contract to deliver its fleet management system suite for an upcoming suburban light rail line in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Under the contract, the company will deliver an integrated standard solution IVU.suite for the Ring 3 light rail.

As a part of the project, all the Siemens-built trams will be equipped with an on-board computer.

The computer, along with IVU.cockpit control software, will enable a connection with the control centre, deliver essential information to the driver during the journey and provide information to passengers.

The ITCS IVU.fleet technology processes vehicle location data and facilitates decision making during traffic situations.

The passenger information solution IVU.realtime will be directly connected to the control system and offer real-time data to passengers through digital displays and an app.

IVU Traffic Technologies Public Transport Projects division manager Harald Schirrmeister said: “We are delighted that we are able to help Greater Copenhagen further develop public transport services with our integrated standard solution.

“The region is getting a future-proof system that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of IT landscapes.”

“With IVU.suite, the region is getting a future-proof system that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of IT landscapes and flexibly enhanced.”

The 28km-long Ring 3 Light Rail will stretch from the Lyngby municipality in the north of Copenhagen to Ishøj in the south-west.

The line will include 29 stops and will facilitate an end-to-end journey within an hour. The Copenhagen suburban line is expected to transport around 14 million passengers annually once it becomes operational.

Siemens has been contracted to supply 29 Avenio trams for the network. The company is also responsible for all project coordination and implementation.