Indian Railways has sent another 3000 HP Cape Gauge locomotive to Mozambique to strengthen the Indo-African relationship.

Earlier this year, the national rail transporter exported the initial batch of two locomotives.

The locomotives were sent as part of a total order of six locomotives, along with 90 stainless-steel passenger coaches to Mozambique.

These Cape Gauge diesel locos have been developed indigenously by Banaras Locomotive Works, a production unit of Indian Railways, under the Make-in-India initiative.

The 3000 HP Cape Gauge locomotives have the capacity to transport 2,255t at a speed of 100km/h.

The control console of the locomotive has been created and developed for right-hand drive.

The locomotives have been installed with a computer-controlled brake system (CCB 2.0), supporting maintenance and safety.

The driver’s cabin of the locomotive is Noise Vibration and Harshness standard-compliant, featuring an integrated Graphics Driver Display, improved acoustics, and ergonomically designed seats.

The locomotives have been equipped with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) to provide a comfortable environment for crew members.

Other features include an onboard water closet (toilet module), refrigerator, hot plate and a 6,000l fuel tank for longer operation.

In addition, stainless-steel pipes have been utilised for resisting corrosion.

The 3000 HP Cape Gauge locomotives adhere to international standards and are also cost-effective.

Recently, the Indian Government approved a proposal to allot 5MHz spectrum in the 700MHz frequency band to Indian Railways.

The proposal was approved by the Union Cabinet to increase the safety and security of railway operations.