South Korea-based company Hyundai Rotem has secured contracts worth $295.65m (KRW335.4bn) from Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) to deliver eco-friendly train cars.

As per the deal, TRC will receive 80 train cars worth $190.12m and 17 electric locomotives worth $105.53m from Hyundai Rotem.

These railcars are expected to be delivered by 2024.

As part of Tanzania’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line project, the new train cars will operate on a 546km high-speed electric line spanning between Dar es Salaam and Makutupora.

All 97 train cars will operate at a maximum speed of 160km/hr and will have the capacity to carry up to around 590 commuters.

These new trains will be much faster than the diesel trains currently operating in Tanzania at 30km-40km per hour.

They will also feature nursing rooms, along with seats for convenient wheelchair access.

Hyundai Rotem stated that these will be the company’s first eco-friendly electric train vehicles to run in Tanzania.

The company is expecting to secure future deals as the Tanzanian government is working on a railway infrastructure project.

Around $7bn has been invested by the country’s government in the SGR project.

The project involves the construction of a railway stretching 1,219km linking Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, with a standard track gauge of 1,435mm.

It aims to upgrade Tanzania’s rail infrastructure and is expected to expand the passenger and freight transportation volume.

In April, National Egyptian Railway Industries Company and Egypt’s Transportation and Planning and Economic Development ministries reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Rotem.

Hyundai Rotem is an affiliate of Hyundai Motor Group, which has Hyundai Motor and Kia under its business control.