Bombardier Transportation has unveiled a safety system for urban light-rail vehicles at the UITP Global Public Transportation Summit in Stockholm, Sweden.

Called Collision and Overspeed Monitoring and Prevention Assistance System (COMPAS), the tool is developed in collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology and Mission Embedded.

COMPAS is designed to prevent derailing and increase safety for tram drivers and passengers.

It builds on Bombardier’s Obstacle Detection Assistance System (ODAS ), which was introduced in Germany in 2017. Currently, ODAS has been selected by five light-rail vehicle operators.

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The latest light-rail vehicle safety system is equipped with two driver assistance functions, vision-based speeding prevention and an automated obstacle detection system.

COMPAS enables the tram driver to utilise digital track data and visual odometry to operate the tram in pre-defined speed limits. Accordingly, the system improves the safety of passengers, as well as of pedestrians and other people around the running vehicle.

Bombardier Transportation Austria managing director Christian Diewald said: “We have completed the development phase of COMPAS and will shortly start the operational evaluation in two existing vehicle fleets.

“I am especially happy that we are testing this safety innovation in the new vehicles for our customer Wiener Linien in Austria, but also with our customer in Blackpool, UK.”

The latest system is expected to be authorised for commercial service by mi-2020. It is also expected to be upgraded with additional functions, such as increased vehicle autonomy enabling automated operation in depots.