Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in the US is set to launch its official app to provide riders with an improved experience across its stations and on trains.

The BART app will be available free on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The app is designed to provide information on real-time departures, schedule timetables and fare calculation.

It also comprises a Trip Planner feature, which is developed to offer end-to-end multi-modal trip itineraries, as well as real-time service disruption information.

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Trip Planner enables riders, public transit users, and the people who walk, bike or drive to BART stations to use the most transit-friendly and fastest route of their trips.

"The official BART app makes it easy to avoid traffic and take BART wherever you are going."

It features 31 transit operators to offer interactive, personalised itineraries.

In addition, the BART app is designed to provide information on secured bike parking and car parking at the station, navigation guide with personalised preferences, as well as Spanish and Chinese translations.

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It will also allow reporting of suspicious and illegal activity in the stations or on trains.

BART Board president Robert Raburn said: “The official BART app makes it easy to avoid traffic and take BART wherever you are going, even if the destination isn’t located right next to one of our stations.

“The app unlocks the potential for a seamless connection between all modes of transportation and gives the user everything they need to navigate a trip in one place.”

BART has already started works to add features such as the ability to pay via the app for verified carpool parking spots.