Alstom has installed its APS  ground-level continuous power supply system to the 10.1km-long Eminonu-Alibeykoy tramway track in Turkey.

The Eminonu-Alibeykoy tramway track consists of 14 stations.

The 9km portion between Balat and Alibeykoy of the tramway link will not only decrease the footprint of light rail lines but also maintain the aesthetics of urban settings.

The company claimed that this is the first application of the APS system in Turkey.

Instead of a catenary system, APS will enable the supply of power to the tram through a segmented street-level power rail.

It is claimed to be safe for pedestrians and other road users as the conductive sections get activated only when fully covered by the tram.

The contact shoes, which are situated under the vehicle, will then collect the power.

Alstom Middle East and Turkey managing director Mama Sougoufara said: “We are quite happy to see our innovative and sustainable solutions being part of Istanbul’s city landscape. In addition to the ground APS system, we are providing the associated onboard equipment for 30 tramway vehicles manufactured by a local company for the Eminonu-Alibeykoy tramway line.

“This is an indication of how adaptable our system is. The system will be a unique signature of Istanbul railway network in terms of innovation, environmental, aesthetic and historical values.”

Tramcars operating on APS also feature overhead line equipment and/or traction batteries and can easily transition between power sources.

In case a line is extended, the APS system can also be extended.

In 2014, Alstom supplied and commissioned a 100% catenary-free tramway system in Dubai, UAE.

The system is currently being used in 11 cities on four continents with nearly 50 million kilometres covered by trams on APS.