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Future Rail: Issue 27 | July 2015

Flushed with success after winning the UK election, will the Conservative party deliver on promises made pre-election? We ask whether the UK Government remains committed to revolutionising rail transport in the North.

Further afield, we take a look at an express rail link to connect Orlando to Miami in the US, ask why Australia is prioritising roads over public networks, and map out the future of high-speed rail across Europe and Asia.

We also report on the industry’s hot topics as discussed at the International Transport Forum, find out what’s holding back the implementation of rail-air multi-modal freight systems on a large scale, look into a new European initiative promoting sustainability across the supply chain, and discuss the need to optimise rail fleets in the UK.

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In this issue

Aiming Higher
Industry experts recently gathered at the International Transport Forum 2015 to discuss the paramount role transport plays in climate change, as well as other key challenges in the sector. Eva Grey looks into some of the issues highlighted.
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Connecting Eurasia
A new era of transnational connectivity is within reach as countries around the world lay out plans for long-distance or cross-border high speed rail infrastructure. Eva Grey looks into the future of high-speed across Europe and Asia.
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Losing out to Road
Australia’s railways have pulled the short straw in the latest round of government infrastructure funding, which heavily prioritises roads over public networks. Eva Grey looks at the surviving railway schemes and the sustainability threat of railway divestment.
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Speedy Plans for the Sunshine State
A private venture in the US state of Florida aims to have an express rail link between Orlando and Miami up and running by 2017. Jerome Greer Chandler takes a look at the projects and the hurdles it needs to overcome.
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Eyes on the North
Was the Northern Transport Strategy, unveiled in March, merely an attempt to woo northern voters ahead of the general election, or is the Conservative government serious about revolutionising rail transport in the North? Julian Turner investigates.
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Mixing It Up
Rail-air multi-modal freight systems have the potential to revolutionise the freight transport market, but can the system be successfully implemented on a large enough scale? Eva Grey weighs up the advantages and the challenges.
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Time for Railsponsibility
Six European railway giants have banded together to launch Railsponsible, a new initiative promoting sustainability across the industry supply chain. Eva Grey looks at how the companies plan to work together towards a greener, more durable system.
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Driving Transformation
UK rail operators are facing a range of new challenges, from changing maintenance requirements to passengers demanding better service. Duncan Rhodes, client partner at Cyient, discusses the key factors driving the need to optimise rail fleets
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Next issue preview

Transport for London has invited businesses to submit innovative ideas to transform abandoned underground stations into businesses. We take a look at this exciting new venture.

In safety, we ask whether the UK’s plans to roll out the ERTMS signalling system will make the network more vulnerable to cybercrime, and explore studies currently underway to address the risks of a fully digitalised railway system, and we find out how Network Rail is reducing cable theft using traceable forensic liquids.

We also look into a reconfigurable railway carriage that can carry passengers or freight, the search for the best steel to reduce heavy maintenance and renewal costs on modern railways, and new tracking technology that promises to help passengers find lost luggage.

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