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Future Rail: Issue 26 | June 2015

In 2012, South Africa launched a seven-year investment scheme that marked the start of its biggest ever rail recapitalisation programme. We get an update on the latest developments.

Meanwhile, New Delhi’s grand plans for an ultra-modern station have been stalled by a lack of funding. We ask if the original vision for an elite transport hub was too ambitious. In Texas, we look into the proposed $10bn high-speed route between the state’s two largest cities, and back in Europe we ask whether the EU’s passenger rights regulations leave too many loopholes for operators to get exemptions.

We also learn how the Train Zero testing facility aims to make rolling stock safer and more reliable, take a look at Movares’ new training simulator for train drivers, check out the Wayfindr system for visually impaired passengers and find out why rail freight is becoming increasingly important to UK businesses.

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In this issue

Protecting the Passenger
Despite the EU’s efforts to establish a fairer, more transparent set of rights for rail passengers, extensive exemptions allowed to member states provide an all too easy set of loopholes. Eva Grey investigates.
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Plans for Prosperity
The biggest railway deal in South Africa’s history is predicted to propel the economy to a new level of prosperity. Eva Grey explores the country’s infrastructure strategy and finds out more about the recent spate of record investment deals.
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Thinking Big
If proposals by a privately funded US enterprise get the green light, Texas could overtake California in opening the first high-speed rail line in the country. Future Rail US correspondent Jerome Greer Chandler finds out more about the project.
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A New Approach
The Train Zero testing facility has the potential to revolutionise the design process of the next generation of rolling stock. With Crossrail looming large in the backdrop, Ross Davies asks co-designer Frazer-Nash about the benefits of the new technology.
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Dose of Reality?
Plans are afoot to transform New Delhi’s railway station into an elite transport centre, but are they realistic considering the slow progress and dwindling funding? Eva Grey investigates
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Before the Tracks
Dutch company Movares is working on a full-scale virtual train simulator to instruct drivers in a more immersive and realistic training environment than ever before. Ross Davies checks out the system which turned heads at RailTech 2015.
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A Healthy Mix
The Rail Freight Group explains why rail freight is playing an increasingly important role in the transport mix available to UK businesses.
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Turn Right for Platform One
Earlier this year, a trial of a new transport aid system took place at Pimlico Underground Station in London. Gary Peters finds out how Wayfindr helps visually impaired passengers navigate in a transport environment.
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Next issue preview

The north of England could be in line for an unprecedented transport boost. We investigate rail improvements and a new government strategy, and ask how the investment will impact the HS2 project. Also in Europe, industry giants have joined powers to launch Railsponsible, aimed at driving sustainability throughout the supply chain. We look into the new initiative.

We also learn more about a new higher-speed corridor to connect Miami with Orlando Internaional Airport in Florida, and look towards the future of high-speed in Europe and Asia. Moreover, we ask if rail-air multi-modal freight systems can be made to work on a large enough scale, explore the importance of IT and big data in meeting new demands in rolling stock maintenance, and find out how researchers in the UK are searching for the perfect steel for railway construction.

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