Deutsche Bahn (DB) undertook several projects during the research period related to the introduction or upgrading of trains and rolling stock.

In one innovative project, the company, along with Siemens trialed the Mireo Plus H hydrogen train. The two companies conducted a demonstration of the train’s refueling procedure utilizing the mobile hydrogen fueling station.

The move will help replace diesel-powered trainsets with hydrogen technology in regional transport, as well as phase out diesel fuel.

The company also, in partnership with Talgo, revealed the first passenger car of a new intercity train called ICE L. Expected to become the European reference for the trains of the future, ICE L can operate at a top commercial speed of 230km/h and will run on domestic routes in Germany besides linking Germany with the Netherlands, Austria, and the Swiss border.

Elsewhere DB also commissioned the new ICE 3neo high-speed train, which was supplied by Siemens Mobility. The train will run between Dortmund, Cologne, and Frankfurt/Main, as well as Munich through the new Wendlingen–Ulm high-speed route during regular service.

Finally the company also revealed plans to overhaul the Hamburg-Berlin and Emmerich-Oberhausen railway corridors through a revamp of the tracks, points, overhead lines and signaling systems.

Company Profile

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is a provider of transportation services.

It offers mobility and logistical services, which include passenger rail and bus transportation, freight transportation, and railway infrastructure services.

It also carries out logistics and distribution and ticket sales for the passenger transport.

The company provides vehicle maintenance and security services and offers conventional industrial energy products; and develops and operates stations.

In addition DB provides catering services, rail mobility management, communication technology products and operates global accounting shared service center.

It has operations in various countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.