Metrom Rail has been chosen as the Genius Transit Challenge winner by New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The MTA created the challenge in 2017 to identify innovative solutions to modernise and improve New York City’s subway service. Metrom Rail’s submission was one of 438 from 23 countries.

“We’re gratified that the MTA recognised Metrom Rail’s vision for the future of transit,” said Metrom Rail director of corporate strategy Rick Carlson Jr. “We are pursuing a radical departure from traditional train control systems by providing a cost-effective solution that helps transit agencies minimise delays and accommodate more riders.

“We are excited to propel the use of ultra-wideband technology in the transit industry and look forward to working with the MTA, and other agencies worldwide, to dramatically improve transit operations.”

Metrom Rail’s Genius Challenge submission, PTCS-2, provides an increase in train operating efficiency and safety with significant reductions in cost and deployment time compared to legacy train control systems.

Through a combination of ultra-wideband communication technology and train-borne intelligence, the system generates precise ranging and location data to optimise train speed and spacing.

MTA Chief Development Officer Janno Lieber said: “When Governor Cuomo announced his Genius Challenge last summer, I’m not sure any of us really knew what the reaction would be. The Governor’s idea was to accelerate changes to subway signal systems by tapping into the most creative minds and the latest technologies.

“The bet paid off, and now the MTA can move forward much faster than the previous 40-plus year timetable to give New York subway riders a modern, high-capacity signal system.”