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Metrom Rail is an industry-leading supplier of the AURA® product family, providing modular solutions for transit-based positive train control, maintenance of way utility collision avoidance and productivity, and worker protection.

The AURA system

The AURA System is a combination of three critical safety technologies, providing customers with the ability to choose an all-inclusive system or individual elements that better meet the needs of their railway operations. AURA represents a positive train control system for transit applications, collision avoidance and productivity system for maintenance of way or Hi-Rail equipment, and a worker protection system for track-based workers.

By eliminating the need for back-office oversight and control over all functions, the AURA system can be implemented rapidly in any configuration. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology only deployed by Metrom Rail, AURA revolutionises the traditional concepts of PTC or CBTC systems – true train control and safety are now cost-effective realities for the entire industry.

Positive train control for passenger transit

The Metrom Rail AURA Positive Train Control System is the first transit-specific train control system of its kind. By utilising cutting-edge technology with a simple modular approach, transit agencies now have cost-effective access to signal and speed limit compliance, precision berthing, collision avoidance, and other critical train control functionalities.

The AURA System provides collision avoidance and productivity capabilities for maintenance-of-way and hi-rail vehicles.
The passenger rail control system serves as a CBTC overlay, combining signal compliance, speed limit awareness, and collision avoidance capabilities within a simple, easily installed package.
The roadway worker protection system ensures that workers receive an alarm when a train nears.
The SenTrack system is a multi-role platform that provides derailment detection and track integrity monitoring. A change in status initiates both local RF and remote alarms to customer call centres.

AURA PTCS provides an open architecture approach to integration that allows agencies to select and deploy functions that meet their own unique requirements.

The AURA PTCS installation process is greatly simplified by not requiring that the entire system to be integrated into a ‘back office’ environment. This allows for a deployment schedule spanning months, rather than years. The PTCS is designed to accommodate existing agency rules and protocols, and will not adversely affect throughput or vehicle spacing.

Collision avoidance and productivity

The AURA Maintenance Of Way Utility (MU) combines the field-proven capabilities of the Metrom Rail Collision Avoidance System with a comprehensive productivity suite, providing customers with an industry-leading safety and efficiency platform.

Collision avoidance functions are designed to safeguard MOW equipment / hi rail vehicles and their operators by providing advanced warning of violations in spacing regulations. The MU offers a speed-based detection system that caters to the specific operating rules of each customer.

Monitored equipment activity is available through a web-based utility called AURA ACCESS. ACCESS allows users to monitor key equipment-specific functions, location, assign work gangs, and establish control points at the push of a button.

The MU utilises advanced ultra-wide-band radio technology to provide a system accurate to +/-1cm of ranging capabilities in any environment on the planet – even underground and around tunnel curves.

Roadway worker protection systems

The Metrom Rail AURA Roadway Worker Protection System (RWPS) provides advanced warning between on-track equipment and workers in the vicinity of track.

With a combination of train-based and portable wayside ultra-wide band RF equipment paired with wearable modules, WPS is the perfect tool for taking worker safety and awareness to the next level.

The AURA RWPS utilises a time-to-alarm protocol to provide workers and equipment operators with advanced warnings. The system’s minimum performance baseline provides 15s of warning with equipment moving at 60mph. This standard can be modified to meet any customer’s specific needs.

Customised solutions for the railway industry

Metrom Rail provides advanced, cost-effective sensor solutions tailored for each customer application. The company offers a complete turnkey process in designing, manufacturing, servicing, and supporting products that provide unique functionality and high return on investment.

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