TD Rail & Industry (formerly Travel Design) is an innovative rail consulting company performing assignments within interior systems, car bodies, bogies, driver cabs and propulsion systems. Our team of project managers, engineers and technical writers deliver extensive experience in new vehicles, refurbishment projects, product development and spare part / prototype manufacturing.

Our latest web-based platform GoXml is revolutionising the handling of technical documentation.

TD Rail & Industry offers services to rail vehicle owners, operators, manufacturers and refurbishers, industry subcontractors and authorities and organisations.

Rolling stock and railcar refurbishment design consulting

TD Rail & Industry offers a wide range of services to both vehicle owners and operators. If you are buying new rolling stock or refurbishing existing railcars, we can analyse and specify the functionality and requirements, even for complete trains.

Route map of TD Rail & Industry services.
IC4 high-speed train with improved acoustic performance.
Interiors for Delhi Metro engineered by TD Rail & Industry.
The world's first biogas train has been in operation since 2006.
Front hatch of the AGV high-speed train.

We can assist in evaluating your purchase decisions and guide you through contract negotiations with selected suppliers.

Because we are experienced in negotiations and implementation, we can act as consultants at different stages of the process. This gives you the market and real-life experience that is useful during the entire project lifecycle and warranty period.

Rail vehicle manufacture and refurbishment

We have a deep knowledge base and hands-on experience to offer both manufacturers and railway vehicle refurbishers. Whether the challenge is designing new rolling stock or refurbish existing stock, we strive to deliver sustainable and competitive solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Our turnkey solutions ramp-up and identify both the problems to solve and the resources needed. We look at the entire problem and develop a total estimation of cost, performance, time, etc. An example of this is the world’s first biogas train. The assignment covered feasibility study, project management, engineering, technical documentation, testing, training and authority approvals.

Railway subcontractors for rolling stock manufacture and maintenance

Subcontractors for manufacturing of parts or maintenance are the vital link that keeps rolling stock rolling. Our expertise is a natural fit for subcontractors, who continuously work towards improvement and development.

Parts suppliers work with us because we know the applicable regulations and the product standards required for use in modern rolling stock.

TD Rail & Industry has developed the front hatch mechanism of the AGV high-speed train built by Alstom. We have engineered and produced the prototypes capable of meeting speeds up to 350km/hr.

Interior rail design documentation management tool

GoXml is the complete toolset for managing your documentation project. The toolset includes means of authoring, reviewing and publishing technical documentation as well as translations. This application is an entirely web-based collaboration platform, which allows you to easily author and publish with multiple output options.

You can use the GoXml tool to create and reuse content and meet organisational and industrial standards. You can also use GoXml as your PDM-system.

With GoXml, you own your content and rent the system for as long as you need it. This means there is no need for investment, licences or installation.

Technical design services and components

Our technical communicators are experienced in technical documentation. We offer:

  • Technical writing of maintenance instructions, drivers manuals, etc.
  • Project management
  • Development of documentation methods and processes
  • Breakdown of documentation specifications to subcontractors
  • Production of specifications

Authorities and organisations, including public safety, ISO certification and environmental impact, have commissioned us to investigate accidents, evaluate new regulations and homologation of vehicles. TD Rail & Industry has managed homologation of components as well as complete trains.

Spare parts for railways

Need for special spare parts that are no longer available? Do you want to improve your existing spare parts or just need prototypes? Contact our subsidiary Rail Parts using the link below.