Tallinn Electrical Engineering Factory ESTEL is a developer and producer of a wide range of power converting equipment for railway transport and traction substations.

The Estonian-based company was founded in 1870, and combines long-term experience with unique modern development in the field.

Inverters and transformers for rail substations

TET ESTEL produces devices for traction substations, such as inverters, rectifiers and transformers. The inverter is designed to transfer the excess power from the contact network DC to supply network AC for main railway traction substations, and to provide braking of electric locomotives on mountain slopes.

TET ESTEL inverters are designed to transfer excess power from the contact network DC to supply network AC.
Rail operators can use the rectifer's oscilloscope to monitor current, voltage, diode temperature, and alarm waveforms.
TET ESTEL produces a wide range of rail equipment, including traction transformers for locomotives.

Rectifiers for mainline railway traction substations

ESTEL’s TPRS series rectifiers are designed to convert AC to DC for mainline railway traction substations. They are equipped with microprocessor-based protection, diagnostics based on production ESTEL controllers, and an operator panel with LCD monitor. Rail operators can use the internal oscilloscope to continuously monitor parameters, including current, voltage, diode temperature, and alarm waveforms.

Locomotive electric converters

ESTEL manufactures traction converters for asynchronous electric locomotive motors, and custom static converters for electric locomotives. All equipment made by ESTEL is equipped with self-produced power semiconductor devices which meet all European standards and possess high quality and technical rates. The company’s own design office allows it to carry out development of unique equipment according to special requirements of the customer. ESTEL’s APC-10-1,5k auxiliary power converter can be used in new models of electric locomotives, or to retrofit engine converters in renewable electric trains.

Oil engines and rectifiers for trains

ESTEL also produces:

  • Reversible converters for electric locomotives
  • Converter units for rolling stock
  • Electric locomotive oil pump engine power supply unit
  • Rectifiers for diesel trains

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