The rectifier is designed to convert alternating current to direct current on DC traction substations mainline railways.

Products include:

  • Uncontrolled (diode) rectifiers for railway DC traction substations
  • Rectifier TPRS-3.15k-3.3k-1-U3 (12-pulse rectification circuit)
  • Rectifier TPRS-3.15 k-3.3k-2-U3 (6-pulse bridge rectification circuit)
  • Thyristor controlled rectifiers for railway DC traction substations
  • Rectifier V-TPPT-3.15k-3.3k-1-U3 (12-pulse rectification circuit)

Advantages include:

  • Use of free cooling chillers with high reliability and overload capacity, maintenance-free in operation
  • Application of the blocks with a common diode for two parallel diodes cooler reduces buses and transitional contacts and as a result, reduces the loss
  • Application of thoriated clamp mechanism to create the required clamping force and special diode clamps allow quick replacement of diodes in place, without removing the power equipment and without the use of special measuring tools

Design features

Rectifier built on a 12-pulse rectifier circuit current, formed by the serial connection of two bridges powered by transformer voltage with a shift of 30 degrees electrical. Each diode has diagnostic scheme conductivity. The rectifier is equipped with microprocessor-based protection and diagnostics based on production ESTEL controller and operator panel with LCD monitor. In microprocessor implement the internal oscilloscope that allows for continuous monitoring of the monitored parameters: current, voltage, conductance diode temperature when using a conversion unit, and receive waveforms of alarms when they occur.

Rectification circuits:

  1. 12-pulse circuit
  2. 6-pulse bridge circuit
  3. Double reverse star with balancing reactor