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Surge Protection and Voltage Limiting Devices for Railways

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SALTEK is a specialist in surge protective devices (SPD) protecting infrastructure in all industrial areas, including the railway sector.

We have more than 25 years of experience in development and manufacturing, as well as wide application knowledge, making us leaders in the field of protection against atmospheric and industrial pulse overvoltage.

Voltage limiting devices for railway infrastructure

Voltage limiting devices (VLD) are our main products to protect people, animals, and electrical or electronic equipment in railway infrastructure.

Our solutions ensure the safety of passengers and staff and reliability of rail transport systems, as well as protect technologies against damage caused by atmospheric surges and fault or operational overvoltages that can arise also during normal rail operations.

Saltek offers a wide variety of surge protective devices for railway signalling systems.
Voltage limiting devices protect people, animals and electrical or electronic equipment in railway infrastructure.
To ensure it is reliable, communication infrastructure must be protected against overvoltage surges.
Surge protective devices for LV power distribution (AC and DC) ensure safe and smooth railway operation.
Saltek surge protective devices for Ethernet networks secure safety of data and railway IT technologies.
SCG series VLDs protect people and technologies in the event of a failure of the overhead contact line.

We offer voltage limiting devices in class 1, class 2.2 and class 4.1 or 4.2 according to EN 50526-2 Ed 2. Protections degree comply with the classification VLD-F (protection during failure) or VLD-O (protection during normal operation) according to EN 50122-1 Ed.2

Cost-efficient VLD-F surge arresters

Our SCG series of VLDs are designed primarily to protect people and technologies in the event of a failed overhead contact line.

By temporarily or permanently connecting endangered conductive parts of railway infrastructure with return path when overvoltage is detected, it will automatically disconnect the affected section in the respective substation.

When passing the high short-circuit current, a permanent electrical bypass of SCG electrodes is achieved by patented integrated short-circuit switch. Integrated surge arrester eliminates high charge lightning impulses up to 100kA. It features easy mounting smart design, very low weight, IP67 rating and up to 10μs response time.

Reliable VLD-O+F touch voltage limiting devices

BVL series VLD-O+F are reliable, robust but lightweight (3.5kg) and fast surge protectors for electric railways, able to operate repeatedly with high energy hazardous pulses (up to eight Mega A2S).

Combining powerful antiparallel thyristors with a fast A2 surge arrester, they are able to work in any electric rail system (AC or DC) and ensure personal safety and technology protection in both VLD-O and VLD-F modes. Smart design and use of modern materials ensure simple and fast assembly on railway track (UTn = 120V) or in workshops (UTn = 45V or 60V) with significant operating parameters. Repeatable current load up to 1,600A at 30 seconds enables the deployment of this VLD in almost all applications.

State-of-the-art high energy surge arresters

Our type 4.1 (or 4.2 for workshops) VLDs are high-performance SALTEK surge protective devices for railways. They are designed to operate with very high long-lasting currents and energies in the event of breakdown or unwanted operating condition of electric railways (train, metro, trams).

These VLDs ensure the safety of persons and technologies by limiting non-permissible touch voltages, stray currents or lightning pulses by temporary equipotential bonding of protected parts of the railway infrastructure (AC and DC traction).

The combination of varistors, electronically controlled power thyristors and contactors ensures optimal short-term and long-term ability to dissipate unwanted energy from lightning strikes or caused by overhead line breakdowns or during rolling stock operation.

Processor-controlled VLD provides fast and efficient protection against unwanted pulses and surges, monitoring and remote reporting of the protected node status, as well as local and remote control of the protector function.

These class 4 VLDs have been made individually based on an agreement with the customer.

Surge protective devices for railway telecommunications

Communication infrastructure must be protected against overvoltage surges to ensure its reliability, which is essential for the safe and smooth operation of the railways.

SALTEK offers a complete portfolio of surge protective devices to protect AC or DC power inputs, radio receivers and transmitters (coaxial SPDs), Ethernet data lines (including PoE), RS-485 lines, and more.

In addition, devices are suitable for the latest LTE (4G / 5G) and older GSM-R systems and other telecommunication grids.

Surge arresters for AC or DC supply distribution

Power supply lines of electric or electronic railway systems can be a gateway for dangerous lightning or industrial pulses and must be protected. SALTEK offers a wide range of SPDs for all types of AC power supplies (TN-S, TN-C-S, TN-C, TT, IT) as well as DC ones.

High pulse current values for heavy duty applications, low voltage protection levels and fast response for efficient protection, remote status indication and easily removable modules for easy installation and service are just few of the benefits of SPD SALTEK.

In addition to the type 1, 2 and 3 protection series, we also offer special combined SPD T1 + 2 ‘FLP MAXI’, which are a cost-efficient solution for most applications.

SPD for Ethernet, signalling, surveillance, fire, access systems

Most railway control and signalling infrastructure is interconnected by cables through digital and analogue ports, which must be protected against overvoltage surges.

This can be done by selecting the appropriate SPD to protect Ethernet and data digital lines, analogue signalling and control circuits, various sensors, video cameras (coaxial or IP) and other electronic railway infrastructure elements.

Application support

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  • BVL Series – VLD Class 2.2, VLD Type F, VLD Type O

    Advanced 'recoverable' voltage limiting devices of the series BVL are designed to provide a reliable temporary connection between grounding of the traction infrastructure and return path for short or even long time period.

  • SCG Series – VLD Class 1, VLD Type F

    Voltage limiting devices of the series SCG are designed to quickly detect and limit overvoltage caused by the failure of the electric railway system (metro, trains, trams), lightning strike or another origin of dangerous excessive touch voltage on exposed conductive parts of railway infrastructure (DC or AC traction).

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