The entire SALTEK team has been focusing on the development and production of surge protective devices and their application for more than 25 years. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive SPD portfolio for railway technology.

AC power supply

Coarse and fine AC inputs surge protection for any distribution network types – high-performance lightning surge arresters with pluggable modules installed in the solid base for easy replacement, remote signalling of status and robust construction with impulse current load up to 50kA per pole. Advanced combined type 1+2 surge arresters FLP-B+C MAXI for general applications are also available.

DC power supply

Surge arresters to protect DC inputs of railway devices placed outside buildings, AC/DC and DC/DC invertors and DC distribution controllers. Various models with parallel pluggable modules and remote monitoring or serial specials with an integrated low-pass filter for PLCs or similar interference sensitive solutions.

LED lighting

Modern LED lighting of railway stations, freight stations and workshops, they are sensitive to overvoltage and need specially designed surge arresters.

Signalling circuits

The railway has long been using electrical signals to monitor the status or control of railway operation systems. This is essential to ensure safe and smooth operation and must therefore be protected. SALTEK has wide variety of products for analogue and digital circuits covering all possible configurations, operation voltages and signal types (such as serial data RS-485, RS-232, current loops, sensors, single unsymmetrical or paired symmetrical signals) including combined ones for signalling and power. Most types have combined elements of coarse and fine protection and selected ones are available also as a slim terminal block type.

Fuel depots, pumping stations, insulated constructions

Isolating spark gaps (ISG) could be used to connect and protect insulated piping parts or similar technologies. In addition to conventional surge arresters, we also offer versions tested and certified for explosion hazard ( Ex ) environments. High levels of ignition protection (ATEX cat.2) and impulse current 100kA ranks SALTEK ISGs to the most reliable protectors.

SCADA, data networks, communication modules

See telecommunication products section.

SALTEK is one-stop-shop for to provide comprehensive reliable protection of railway infrastructure against overvoltage and lightning surges.

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