All telecommunications systems used for the transmission of commands, status indication, voice, video, data and signalling are essential for safe and reliable railway operation and as such, must be well protected.

SALTEK has developed a broad portfolio of surge protective devices for comprehensive protection of all information and communication technologies (ICT) to protect broadband networks (GSM-R, LTE, 5G), fire alarm and security systems, communication equipment of SCADA and TETRA, signalling and control devices communication modules, surveillance cameras etc at several levels:

  • Base stations (BSC, MSC) – SPDs for radio block centres (RBC) receivers, transmitters (coaxial feeders); remote radio units (DC power, data); electronic antennas, GPS receivers (sensitive RF inputs); routers and data centres, microwave links (Ethernet ports). RF lightning arresters are carefully designed not only for fast and efficient overvoltage reduction, but also for optimal RF technology operation (impedance matching and low attenuation, ultra-low PIM).
  • AC or DC power supplies – surge arresters for lightning and surge protection and unwanted industry pulses reduction – high-performance lightning surge arresters with pluggable modules installed in the solid base for easy replacement, remote signalling of status and robust construction with impulse current load up to 50kA per pole.
  • Ethernet data networks – specially designed combined (coarse + fine) surge arresters for Ethernet data networks up to 10 Gbps without or with protection of PoE pairs (IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt compatible) and for structured cabling infrastructure (signal voltages up to 60V dc). Available as a single devices or as a modules for 19in rack box (1RU).
  • Sensors, serial data lines (RS-485, RS-232, etc.), current loops, antenna remote electronic tilting (RET) – wide variety of surge arresters for signal lines provide protection for any hardware configuration and communication signal type.
  • Surveillance (CCTV or IP cameras) – coaxial or Ethernet (including PoE) surge arresters for all camera types (analogue, PTZ, IP, IR cameras) and recorders, monitors or picture analysers.

Our experts will help you with selection and right placement of proper surge protective devices into your infrastructure on request (for free, of course).

SALTEK surge protective devices are multilevel protectors based on coordinated high-load gas discharge tubes and metal oxide varistors matched together to get the best possible protection and operational behaviour. The special SPDs for sensitive equipment are moreover combined with ultra-fast transient voltage suppression diodes that allow a very fast response (from 25 nanoseconds) to cut off unwanted overvoltage surges and pulses.

SALTEK uses advanced technologies to improve SPD’s features to meet the extraordinary demands of modern communication systems (e.g. special surface plating of coaxial protectors to get the lowest possible levels of PIM etc.).

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