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Rail Car Design and Development Consultancy Services

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DCA’s innovative rail vehicle design expertise is unparalleled. Everyday over three million people around the world complete journeys using our designs on the road, in the air and by rail.

Rail transport design and prototyping

Our talented team of over 70 researchers, designers, engineers and model makers provides a unique integrated transport design and prototyping service. Here in the heart of England, UK, we turn ideas into practical designs and transform concepts into fully detailed, working solutions. We have designed a wide range of rail transport systems including:

  • Double-deck trains in Belgium and Australia
  • Metro and underground trains in London and Hong Kong
  • High-speed Intercity trains in the UK and France
  • Trams in Spain and Mexico

Customised rail vehicle design for safety, comfort and accessibility

We use in-house design researchers to understand what people really value on their journeys. Our designs must provide comfort and convenience in normal operation and safety and reassurance at moments of crisis. We cater for special needs groups, meeting rail vehicle accessibility requirements (RVAR), and help operating staff deliver excellent levels of service. DCA employs a range of ergonomic tools to ensure that the human element is a central part of our design process.

Computer-generated rail vehicle animations

Vehicle designs should be exciting, inspirational and iconic. Creating a distinctive visual identity whilst incorporating an operators’ brand values are crucial factors in ensuring that our designs convey the right presence and image quality. We use computer-generated animations with interactive walkthroughs to convey all aspects of an interior or exterior design.

Passengers around the world experience our designs on a daily basis.
Putting people centre stage - VIP seat design and prototyping.
Creating the vision – premium class interior for high speed rail journeys.

CAD software for rail vehicle design

DCA has invested extensively in CAD software so that our engineers can carry out a wide range of theoretical analysis on their proposed design solutions. Software tools, such as Plascams and 3D MoldFlow, and both linear and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) using Cosmos Work and Abaqus, are used to establish technical feasibility, before large investments have to be made in tooling and the production of physical parts. Close collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers provides the basis for a smooth transfer into production and leads to longevity and reliability in service.

ISO 9001:2000 approved systems at DCA guarantee the quality of our design processes and project management procedures. You can therefore be confident of receiving the highest quality results, every time, whatever your needs.


19 Church Street
CV34 4AB
United Kingdom

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