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Overhead Line Electrification Equipment

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Atlas Rail specialise in the design and manufacture of components and assemblies for overhead line electrification solutions. By making use of the latest design techniques and modern materials we produce lighter, smaller and longer-lasting solutions. These have less visual impact on the environment and are better by design.

Our modern design and manufacture methods enable us to deliver a better product more quickly. Use of finite element analysis and modern, lighter materials ensures that we are able to produce energy efficient solutions.

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of standard components in the specialised areas of:

  • Light rail
  • Heavy rail
  • Trolley bus

In addition, we can also design and manufacture components to meet individual requirements.

Overhead line equipment for light rail

While it is possible to purchase a complete light rail system from a number of manufacturers, it makes sense to employ a specialist company for the unique requirements of overhead line equipment.

We are able to deliver modern and novel designs in Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) for light rail systems. These utilise smaller and lighter components that will help to reduce the overall visual impact of the system.

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing components and systems for the unique OLE requirements of light rail. This includes system, layout and allocation design down to component level for:

  • Catenary equipment
  • Single wire
  • Trolley wire
  • Hybrid

Overhead line electrification for heavy rail

As a specialist in OLE solutions for heavy rail we focus on performance, visual impact, ease and speed of installation, low maintenance, long life and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

We provide a single source of OLE systems and components, independent of installation and rolling stock. From the design and installation of new solutions to the renewal or enhancement of existing systems, our experience and skills enable us to offer a comprehensive service.

Atlas has particular expertise in solving the problems of power supply under low bridges, an issue common with older railway systems. Our solutions also allow for fixed or regulated anchor and termination points.

We design and manufacture numerous components for overhead main line electrification systems including: poles / masts, cantilevers, droppers, clamps, insulators, spring droppers, steady arms, knuckles, brackets, section insulators and terminations. We specialise in low headroom applications, underbridges and tunnels.

These cover:

  • Main-line
  • Sidings

Overhead line equipment for trolley bus systems

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing components and systems for the overhead power requirements of trolley bus systems.

We design and manufacture numerous components for trolley bus systems, including poles / masts, cantilevers, wires, spanwires, spacers, clamps, insulators, bridles, suspension brackets, section insulators and terminations.

These cover:

  • Straight lines and curves
  • Crossings and switches

Overhead power transmission and catenary lighting systems

Our solutions for overhead power transmission and catenary lighting systems are deliberately designed to ensure minimum visual impact, while delivering a secure and reliable system.

The components we supply include insulated span wires with turnbuckle, insulated span wires, loop insulator assembly and universal insulator variants.

Installation tools

As part of our development of overhead power solutions we have designed tools for fitting and maintaining components and assemblies, and cleaning overhead wires. The tools are robust, lightweight and simple to use, making them ideal for harsh environments and difficult working conditions.


  • Midland Main Line (MML) Upgrade

    Midland Main Line (MML) runs between London St Pancras and Sheffield, bypassing Luton, Bedford, Corby, Leicester, East Midlands Parkway, Derby, Nottingham and Chesterfield in the UK.

  • Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof)

    Vienna Central Station, also known as Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna Main Train Station), is the largest railway station built in Vienna, Austria, replacing the old Südbahnhof terminal station. ÖBB-Infrastruktur is the owner of the project.

Atlas Rail Components
Atlas Works
Nelson Street
Cumbria CA2 5NB
United Kingdom

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