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Automatic Passenger Counting and Fleet Management Systems for the Railway Industry

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Rail & Road Protec (R2P) develops and delivers innovative integrative system solutions for the railway industry. It specialises in supplying quality integrated solutions for the railway industry, including automatic passenger counting, saloon CCTV, forward facing CCTV, driver-only operation camera (DOO) systems, and PIS and fleet management.

R2P provides a unique technology platform characterised by lean hardware, a central PC onboard unit and a limited number of main components.

Automatic passenger counting, passenger information and fleet management systems

All R2P systems are fully approved for on-train installations. R2P products portfolio includes onboard:

  • Automatic passenger-counting system
  • On-board CCTV systems
  • Forward Facing CCTV cameras
  • DOO on-train CCTV solution
  • Passenger information system
  • Fleet management system
  • On-train system status monitoring

Stereographic camera system for counting passengers

The stereographic camera system delivers reliable and accurate data, even when there is interference from buildings, light or bad weather conditions. The 3D technology counts passengers without any inaccuracies. It is suitable for all standard vehicle types and only one camera is needed per entrance. It has a compact design, is easy to install and has an attractive appearance.

Automatic passenger counter.
Fleet tracking on map.
On-train system status monitoring.
R8, R12 and R16 recorders have a two x line-in or microphone, a 2.5in hard disc drive or SSD and -25°C to +70°C in accordance with 50155 T1.

The internal software evaluates all the video images in their entirety and delivers the count to the video recorder or data logger, which is then recorded.

The benefits of the stereographic camera system include:

  • More than 95% counting accuracy
  • Camera images with analysis function
  • Compatible with the R2P recorder series
  • Only 4.8W power consumption per entrance

Passenger information system

With R2P’s comfortable information system you can offer your passengers dedicated information and advertising. This makes public transport more attractive to potential customers and you can benefit from advertising revenue.

Latest news, route details, departure times or position-related advertising can be displayed on modern TFT screens. Having your own WLAN hotspot and your own FM frequency for transmitting audio data will provide an even better service for your passengers.

Fleet data management system

R2P’s fleet management system is one of the most modern and comprehensive systems on the market for managing and analysing data centrally from an operations centre.

The R2P fleet management system makes it possible to evaluate video footage, passenger counting, vehicle and consumption data in real-time. This means you can transmit video and audio signals to an emergency dispatch centre within a few seconds so the criminal can be arrested at the next stop.

Software updates, passenger counting data, video configuration, route information and advertising messages can be automatically transmitted to the entire fleet in real-time. GPS tracking means you can keep an eye on all of your vehicles.

An intelligent map system gives you a clear overview of all the relevant incidents, such as delays, overcrowding, alarma, error reports or maintenance appointments.

The benefits of the fleet data management system include:

  • Real-time video management
  • Central configuration
  • Live fleet tracking
  • Evaluation of vehicle data
  • Remote vehicle diagnosis

Quality rail systems

R2P employs a cross-cultural team with great potential for innovation. The team is always looking for innovation and is continuously pushing the technology boundary to bring better quality solutions at competitive prices for its customers in the global rail market.

The R2P team believes that many things will change in the future and it is prepared for the challenge.

Train and control centre data exchange

R2P products carry the quality seal: ‘Made in Germany.’ R2P takes pride in providing quality products at economical prices. Modern transmission technology facilitates the uninterrupted exchange of data between the vehicle and the control centre. R2P customers are able to see the live view from the train as well as the recorded footage from their office over a 3G real-time connection.


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