Systematic and effective control of diameter and profile of wheelsets, back-to-back distance is an important component of monitoring of wheel wear arising in the process of wheelset operation. The requirements imposed to control instrumentation include high-accuracy, reliability and simplicity of operation.

Continuity of wear monitoring process requires that measurement results be presented in digital form convenient for processing and storage in computer database allowing the possibility of data analysis and looking through wear history.

All these requirements are satisfied by devices for control of geometric parameters of wheelsets manufactured by RIFTEK.

Diameter of wheelsets over the rolling circuit is measured quickly and reliably by means of IDK electronic caliper gauge

Main features:

  • High-measurement accuracy (±0.2mm) in a wide range of diameters (from 450mm to 1,300mm) is achieved owing to the use of absolute optical encoder with resolution of 0.5μm as a sensing device.
  • Wide working temperature range (from -150ºС to 500ºС) with maintaining accuracy stability due to automatic temperature correction of measurement result
  • Excellent reproducibility of measurement is achieved by using automatic averaging of results.
  • Versatility: the caliper gauge can be used to measure any railway wheels with no necessity of removing wheelsets.
  • Convenience of use is achieved owing to low weight (up to 0.5kg), digital indication of result and wireless data communication (Bluetooth) to computer.

Laser profilometer IKP-5 is designed to measure full-wheel profile

Information about wear over the entire profile is obtained by using non-contact laser scanning of the wheel surface.

Main features:

  • High-measurement accuracy (±0.1mm) and automatic calculation of required parameters of the wheel flange: height, thickness, slope and any other additional parameters specified by user.
  • Convenience of presentation of results in digital and graphic forms
  • High-operation speed: the whole measurement process takes no more than 2s
  • Versatility: the profilometer can be used with any type of wheels and any profile
  • Convenience of use: laser module is mounted on a wheel by means of constant magnet. Scanning results are transferred via wireless communication channel to a mobile computer, which is part of the profilometer or directly to PC database

Back-to-back distance measurement device, IMR

Information about the distance between inner faces of wheels is obtained by non-contact laser rangefinder.

Main features:

  • High-measurement accuracy of ±0.1mm
  • Convenience of use: laser rangefinder is mounted on a wheel by means of constant magnets
  • High-operation speed: you can get result during 1s

Software for PC, mobile computers and smartphones

Software is part of the devices supply package and makes it possible to follow wear history and generate any kinds of reports.

Successful use of the devices on railways of more than 70 countries is proof of their excellent operational characteristics.

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