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Safety Systems and On-Board Service on Railway Worksites

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m2 railgroup

m2 railgroup provides automatic track warning systems (ATWS), as well as on-board and engineering services for the railway infrastructure maintenance sector.

On-board service for railway maintenance machines

m2 railgroup recognises that problems with railway maintenance machines postpone productivity and increase costs for owners / construction companies. If the crew members are unable to solve them, technical repairs will be needed, which leads to prolonged downtime and increased costs.

The company’s on-board service guarantees high-quality maintenance and longer lifespans for railway machines. The service enables maintenance workers to follow a pre-established schedule connected to an individual report for each machine.

m2’s on-board service includes:

m2 provides on-board services for railway maintenance machines.
The objective of the on-board service is to reduce repair costs and guarantee a long lifespan for the machine.
m2's services include general inspections, maintenance, and regular construction reports.
Automatic track warning systems guarantee the safety of operators on worksites. This picture shows an Autoprowa-system
The AWTS is applicable in different layouts for different worksites. This picture shows a Minimel95-system.
DIGIRAIL is an innovative product / service. A photographic survey is made in order to get the line on the computer and navigate on it with a 360° view.
  • General inspection of the machines
  • Drawing up machinery’s professional maintenance
  • Ordinary maintenance according to the standard instruction
  • Operation / production with the machines
  • Assistance for local employees during the operation activities
  • Up-to-date daily / weekly / monthly reports about the ongoing work
  • Generation and recommendation of general spare parts needed on the machinery

The company’s on-board service is performed by qualified technicians with international experience and a high degree of flexibility.

m2’s technicians follow an internal training course that supports an individual’s professional growth within the company, and guarantees proper implementation of on-board services.

The aim of the on-board maintenance service for railway maintenance machines is to increase the machinery’s productivity and decrease superfluous costs for the construction company.

Automatic track warning systems for railway worksites

m2 railgroup is one of the first companies actively supplying and installing ATWS systems for railway worksites. The company designs, installs and manages track-warning devices for public train operators and major private companies.

The systems detect trains in a wide variety of different layouts, and guarantee timely and appropriate individual and / or collective signalling. The main objective of the system is to ensure the safety of the employees on site.

The ATWS consists of an apparatus that signals an approaching train, a central processing unit, and audible and visual alarm systems.

Spotting sensors, which are configured at an appropriate distance from the railway work site, activate a series of optical and audible signals along the entire site. The all-clear sensors deactivate warning elements after the train has passed by.

Available during the planning phase, the ATWS can be customised according to the characteristics of each site and relevant factors, such as the number of tracks, the direction and speed of the trains and the presence of switches or tunnels.

Visualisation and diagnostics of railroad tracks

m2 is always looking for new engineering opportunities to stay up-to-date with the railway sector’s development.

An example of the company’s innovation is Digirail, which allows the visualisation of any railway track direct from the office on any device with internet connection.

Digirail consists of a photographic survey of the railway line with a 360° camera, the internal elaboration of the survey, and the visualisation of the track on any device. The client can access the digititrack via the company’s webpage.

m2 also provides ultrasonic measurement, video analysis, track parameters, gauge, and ground analysis.

About m2 railgroup

m2 was formally established on 30 January 2004, and started business operations on 1 June 2004.

The company’s clients include railway infrastructure companies and the national railway (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA) in Italy.

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