Automatic track warning systems (ATWS) detect trains in a wide variety of different layouts, and guarantee timely and appropriate collective and / or individual signalling. The main objective of the system is to ensure the safety of the employees on site.

Spotting sensors, which are configured at an appropriate distance from the railway work site, activate a series of audible and optical signals along the entire site. The all-clear sensors deactivate warning elements after the train has passed by.

Available during the planning phase, the ATWS can be adapted according to the characteristics of each site and relevant factors, such as the direction and speed of the trains, the number of tracks, and the presence of tunnels or switches.

The system is installed in accordance with a precise sequence that includes five phases:

  • Preparation of the materials
  • Installation at the worksite
  • Internal testing (m2)
  • Delivery of materials to the worksite
  • Training / information for employees at the worksite

During the course of worksite operations, there will be a person who is responsible for the proper operation and efficient maintenance of the ATWS that has been installed (the ATWS manager). Once work has begun, upon perception of the ordinary warning signal, the employees will remain and machines will be kept in the safe zone, maintaining a distance from the track in operation.