On-board Service for Railway Maintenance Machines

On-board Service for Railway Maintenance Machines

ON-board service

Problems with railway maintenance machines halt productivity and ramp up costs for construction companies / owners. Technical repairs can lead to prolonged downtime and increased costs if crew members are unable to solve these issues.

m2’s on-board service ensures longer lifespans and high-quality maintenance for railway machines. The service allows workers to follow a pre-established schedule connected to an individual report for each machine.

The company’s on-board service includes:

  • General machine inspections
  • Drawing up professional maintenance for machines
  • Ordinary maintenance according to the standard instruction
  • Production / operation with the machines
  • Assistance for local employees during activities
  • Up-to-date daily / weekly / monthly reports about the ongoing work
  • Generation and recommendation of general spare parts needed for machines

The on-board service is flexibly performed by qualified technicians with international experience.

The service aims to increase the productivity of railway maintenance machines, and decrease superfluous costs for the construction company.

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