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Locomotive and Streetcar Manufacturing and Restoration

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Brookville streetcar and locomotive restoration

BROOKVILLE builds and refurbishes commuter and freight locomotives, such as the Eagle Commuter engines, as well as modern and heritage streetcars, including the off-wire Liberty Modern series.

BROOKVILLE’s diverse, customisable product line provides short line and regional railroads with eco-conscious freight rail solutions, and transit operators with innovative vehicles designed to navigate the infrastructure and environmental challenges of US cities.

Service-proven streetcars using the latest rail-transit technology

BROOKVILLE Liberty Modern streetcars integrate the latest technologies in rail-transit into a modern solution to deliver innovative vehicles. Available in two body widths, the Liberty Modern model also features an automatic levelling system for curb-level boarding, and on-board energy storage systems (OESS) for periods of off-wire operation.

US-designed BROOKVILLE Liberty Modern Streetcars feature the latest technologies and innovative on-board energy storage systems for periods of off-wire operation.
BROOKVILLE PCC Streetcar restoration and manufacturing brings new life to end-of-service-life cars, and fleets that have been out of service for decades.
BROOKVILLE Eagle Commuter locomotives provide transit operators with a service-proven locomotive solution, and an attractive sleek design for passenger applications.
CoGeneration™ multi-engine genset locomotives are delivered with two or three-engine power packages to reduce emissions and fuel consumption for short line and regional rail operators.
BROOKVILLE single-engine freight and multipurpose locomotives feature a classic design, the latest technologies, environmentally conscious power packages, and optional HEP for passenger service.
BROOKVILLE locomotive rebuilds restore ageing fleets to like-new condition, with services including component restoration, frame repairs, rewiring, and refinishing.
Available in centre-cab or end-cab designs, BROOKVILLE’s customisable diesel-hydraulic switching locomotives are mechanically driven, and offer a unique and efficient solution for lower-speed applications requiring high tractive effort.

Other key features include BROOKVILLE’s service-proven soft-ride trucks, remote diagnostics, and local climate heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) adaptability.

Modern, restored and replica heritage streetcars

Since 2001, BROOKVILLE has been one of the industry’s leading restorers of heritage and president’s conference committee (PCC) streetcars, aiding in the revitalisation and modernisation of classic vehicles in the streets of US cities, including Philadelphia and San Francisco.

BROOKVILLE’s range of services includes car-body repair and subcomponent replacement, rewiring, new electrical cabinets, truck restoration and replacements, interior overhauls, and custom refinishing. Key modernisation features include pantograph technology integration, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant lifts, LED display boards, and HVAC installations.

BROOKVILLE’s original heritage replica streetcars maintain the aesthetics of classic streetcars, while combining the latest innovations in rail transit technology. Key features include BROOKVILLE soft-ride trucks, modern propulsion systems, adapted HVAC for local climate conditions, and LED display boards. BROOKVILLE replica streetcars also include customisable interior arrangements and finishings.

Environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art locomotives

BROOKVILLE Eagle Commuter locomotives combine service-proven system technologies and an environmentally friendly power package to provide commuter railroads with an established, modern solution.

Eagle Commuter locomotives ride on BROOKVILLE-adapted Blomberg trucks, offer added stopping capacity for urban areas through an innovative disc braking system, and feature the latest environmentally driven power packages.

Integrated with a state-of-the-art locomotive control system, touchscreen diagnostics, and major component controls, Eagle Commuter locomotives provide operators with a proven engine, designed specifically for commuter applications.

Reduced rail emissions with multiple power system locomotives

BROOKVILLE’s CoGeneration freight locomotives utilise multiple power systems to drastically reduce emissions and conserve fuel for short line and regional freight rail operators. Available in two and three-engine systems, CoGeneration locomotives feature maximum power outputs, ranging from 1,200hp to 2,100hp.

CoGeneration genset locomotives also feature control systems to ensure maximum performance, and provide instant touchscreen control of major components, as well as a wide-cab design for easy bi-directional movement.

Single rail engine freight and multipurpose locomotives

BROOKVILLE single engine freight locomotives provide an environmentally-driven power solution in a classic design package for maintenance and utility tasks on short line, regional, and passenger railroads.

The locomotives feature a wide-cab design for easy bi-directional movement, and a state-of-the-art control system to maximise performance, as well as touchscreen control of major components. BROOKVILLE single-engine freight locomotives range from 600hp to 4,000hp, with optional head end power (HEP), providing a passenger service-ready locomotive solution.

Locomotive restoration, repair and remanufacturing

In addition to original equipment, BROOKVILLE offers a range of restoration, repair, and remanufacturing services to freight and commuter locomotive operators.

Everything from locomotive refinishing to complete structural, mechanical, and electrical overhauls, BROOKVILLE provides custom scopes of work to revitalise ageing fleets through end-of-life rebuilds, and the replacement of worn components.
BROOKVILLE’s scope of work includes frame repair and component replacement, rewiring, engine and alternator restoration, locomotive control system integration, and cab restoration.

Diesel-hydraulic switching locomotives

BROOKVILLE’s customisable diesel-hydraulic locomotives are an ideal solution for yard and switching applications in need of lower-speed solutions, requiring high-tractive effort.

Available in either end-cab or centre-cab designs, these locomotives feature a mechanical drive system, and range from 45t to 120t. Additional upgrades include automatic sliding couplers for tight turning radiuses, and climate-controlled cabs for operator comfort.


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