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VDS Rail has more than 30 years of specialized experience in advanced systems designed and manufactured for Railway and other markets presenting harsh environment conditions. The company uses cutting-edge technologies to supply superior electronic platforms for hostile environments and advanced networked architectures targeted to rolling stock deployments. Its expertise helps you create innovative solutions, reducing the total cost of ownership and empowering your business with reliable equipment.

Train Ethernet backbone devices for on board applications

Train Switches, Routers and Train Backbone Nodes specifically designed for network applications in rolling-stock environment. Their purpose is to enable the implementation of networks in a train with two main goals: assure adherence to upcoming international standards and reducing commissioning and maintenance phases costs. Those network devices are aptly designed to solve typical railway environmental problems, like physical train network implementations and natively train issues like coupling/decoupling. Great attention has been put in creating specific enhancements in order to simplify commissioning phase and drastically reducing maintenance costs.

Designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions typical of rolling stock applications, all the Train Backbone "building blocks" are fully EN 50155 compliant and provide the highest level of reliability and robustness required by the railway industry.

Konuendo Consist Network Concept (KCNC) – the backbone as a unique entity concept

The Konuendo Consist Network Concept (KCNC) is a proposal to address and to solve typical on-board-related issues throughout different activities from commissioning to maintenance. Increasing reliability, avoiding single point-of-failure and reducing total cost of ownership as a general principle. In detail:

  • End Devices replacement with auto reconfiguration
  • Network Devices replacement with auto reconfiguration
  • Completely automated IP Consist re-addressing
  • Coupling/decoupling addressing schema management
  • Highly redundant Coupled-Switch® architecture

VDS Rail proposition is to consider an Ethernet backbone not only as a set of network devices properly configured and connected but as single wider network entity. Those devices have to be managed as a whole, configured as whole.

This proposition is made possible by gathering information from the network participants (Switches, End Devices, other network appliances) with facilities provision to configure and manage a network.

Ethernet Backbone Network services

Faithful to the concept of backbone as a unique and independent entity, VDS Rail developed advanced features in order to give typical networking services, if requested, in a "cloud" way, avoiding costly redundancies or single point of failure as DHCP, DNS and NTP servers.

EN50155 certified HMI systems

Standard and custom-specific EN50155-certified railway products are VDS Rail core competences. It provides unique HMI and monitors for rugged video and data systems for all conditions.

VDS Rail intelligent HMI systems combine EN50155-certified construction with low-power consumption, state-of-the-art processors and high-quality displays. They are internet-centric products equipped with various common peripheral interfaces like Ethernet, USB and CAN.

Designed with extreme care, especially with regard to the most critical parts like power supply and thermal dissipation, VDS Rail intelligent HMI fulfill the most demanding reliability requirements.

Custom embedded systems

The OEM program is a comprehensive and reliable service that helps customers design specific embedded systems. VDS Rail brings knowledge, ideas and experience into the process of custom development for its customers’ products, with the aim of realizing a reliable and rugged product. VDS Rail offers a wide range of services that enable solutions to operate in harsh railway conditions.

Design and testing for wide operating temperature range, high efficiency isolated power supply solutions compliant with EN50155 railway norms and additional protection from water, dust, moisture, corrosion and vibration are combined with complementary services. These include component qualifying and manufacturing, mounting and testing, allowing increased reliability for transportation applications where the cost of failure is extremely high.

VDS Presents New Train Switch for Ethernet Train Communication Networks

VDS has launched a new train switch suitable for an Ethernet train communication network implementation. The major part of system integrators and train makers implement their on-board services for trains based on Ethernet technology. The VDS train switch is the active node utilised for

VDS Becomes a Member of UNIFE

On 3 February 2010 VDS became a member of UNIFE, the Association of the European Rail Industry. UNIFE's role is to represent its members' interests at the level of both European and international institutions and the mission of the association is to proactively develop an environment in

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