VDS Rail is an Italian manufacturer of highly reliable onboard networking Ethernet devices and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for the rolling stock industry.

All our products meet the EN 50155 railway standard, ensuring the reliability, safety and high performance required by the railway industry. VDS Rail is also ISO 9001 and ISO 22163 IRIS certified.

EN 50155 Ethernet products for reliable rail networks

The company’s product portfolio includes Ethernet switches with up to 10GbE bandwidth, enabling the implementation of reliable and cost-effective networks in rolling stock environments.

The 28-port Consist Switch is a 10GE EN50155-compliant Ethernet switch with 10Gb/1Gb/fast Ethernet ports, designed for network applications in rolling stock environments.
The Fast Ethernet Train Backbone Node (TBN) can be used when two or more trains need to be connected.
VDS Rail’s DMI-410 is based on the latest industrial video processor technology. It features robust construction, suitable for adverse environmental conditions.

We also provide Train Backbone Nodes for IEC 61375 Interoperability, as well as Repeaters, Monitors, and customisable HMI devices in a wide range of formats.

Consist Switches for rail

VDS Rail’s Consist Switches are EN 50155-compliant ethernet switches for rolling stock applications, designed to keep up with evolving standards and enable the implementation of reliable and cost-effective networks in a consist. The portfolio includes various configurations, including:

28 ports 10 Gigabit Managed Ethernet Consist Switch

14 ports Gigabit Managed Ethernet Consist Switch

14 ports Fast Ethernet Managed Consist Switch

8 ports Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Consist Switch

Train Backbone Nodes

VDS Rail’s EN 50155 compliant TBNs are applied for IEC 61375 implementation to ensure interoperability between consists. The Train Backbone Nodes perform both routing and switching tasks.

Specific hardware by-pass and active / passive technology ensure proper redundancy between the backbone and the consist network, securing continuous operability.

Defined by the IEC standard, the Train Topology Discovery Protocol (TTDP) is used to achieve train inauguration procedures. TRDP Protocol and Full TCN Communication Profile IEC 61375-3-2 are assured.

VDS Rail makes the following available:

  • Fast Ethernet TBN
  • Fast Ethernet Integrated TBN
  • Gigabit Ethernet TBN
  • Gigabit Ethernet Integrated TBN

Ethernet Repeaters for rail networks

Repeaters regenerate Ethernet frame data and electrical parameters when the distance between two networking devices is higher than 100m. For instance, Ethernet Repeaters can be installed between two TBNs when required.

HMIs and railway Monitors

VDS Rail HMIs and Monitors are designed for rolling stock applications. HMIs are available in various formats and are highly customisable according to most specific requests. Fully compliant with EN 50155, the devices combine robust, durable hardware with high-performance software.

Smart solutions for optimised network implementation

  • VDS Rail offers more than just cutting-edge rugged products for the rolling stock industry. We have developed innovative solutions to optimise on board network design, management and maintenance.
  • Fast Network Deployment: VDS Rail has developed a design and commissioning tool. It aims to enable operators to streamline these operations during network deployment and simplify maintenance activities.
  • High Resilience Network: Coupled Switch® is VDS Rail’s original implementation to meet the most rigorous and resilient network requirements. It ensures multi-fault resilience, fixed recovery times and high bandwidth throughput.
  • The international standard IEC 61375 Train Inauguration sets the basis for interoperability between trains by defining the train backbone nodes. The purpose of the backbone network is to transmit information through the entire train. Using a specific protocol, it defines the train composition and orientation of each inauguration. This international standard also defines the application profiles of the train communication network (TCN) to achieve communication between software applications.
  • VDS Rail’s TTCMP for Backbone (T4B) is designed for automatic TCN reconfiguration when two or more consists are coupled or decoupled, with no need for the train backbone apparatus foreseen by ICE 61375.

About VDS Rail

VDS Rail takes care with each product development phase, supplying fully certified products that comply with high-end technical rolling stock requirements.

We assist our customers throughout project development, from the presale network design phase until the final train commissioning.

VDS Rail has provided its services and products in more than 110 projects in 22 countries worldwide.