The Ethernet Repeater is a EN 50155 compliant device, specifically designed for network applications in rolling-stock environments, able to regenerate the Ethernet frame data and the electrical parameters to overcome the 100m maximum Ethernet segment limit imposed by the standard.

The Ethernet Repeater, in the Fast Ethernet version, has two + two  100BASE-TX ports, and both pairs of ports can be optionally equipped with bypass function.

It provides two independents Ethernet lines, protected with hardware bypasses, to guarantee the physical link in case of power failure. It is completely transparent to all Ethernet protocols and offers full speed connectivity on both lines. Moreover, the device is equipped with a fault relay, triggerable by loss of power or Ethernet physical errors detection.

Designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions typical of rolling-stock applications, the Ethernet Repeater is fully EN 50155 compliant and provides the highest level of reliability and robustness required by the railway industry.