The Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Train Backbone Node (ETBN) is used when two or more trains’ networks need to be connected together. The Integrated Train Backbone Node has been specially designed to meet the requirements specified by IEC 61375 for the Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB) network.

The Integrated ETBN is a perfect combination of an IEC 61375 standard Train Backbone Node implementation with a multi-port Ethernet Consist Switch. Due to this mix of backbone and consist ports, it provides an integrated and cost-sensitive solution.

The Integrated Train Backbone Node has four 1000BASE-T switched ports for Train Backbone Network implementation, two 1000BASE-T switched ports, and eight 100BASE-TX switched ports for the Consist Network implementation.

Two pairs of Gigabit Ethernet Backbone ports are equipped with bypass functions, and one pair of Gigabit Ethernet Consist ports can be optionally equipped with bypass functions.

Eight Fast Ethernet Consist ports can be optionally equipped with PoE+ capabilities.

The Train Backbone Node is EN 50155 compliant, specifically designed for network applications in rolling-stock environments. IEC 61375 Train inauguration procedure is fully supported, as well as ETBN control interface for TRDP devices. Routing and address translation rules for multiple consist networks interconnections are automatically defined during train inauguration. Other interfaces (SNMP, REST) are also available, in order to provide a wider range of potential implementations. The TTCMP services provide automatic device configuration and continuous monitoring, giving the customer a way to reduce commissioning and maintenance costs.

Designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions typical of rolling-stock applications and EN 50155 compliant, the Integrated ETBN provides the highest level of reliability and robustness required by the railway industry.