Inteletrack Unveils New EOT Train Integrity System with Automatic Block Clearance

Block clearance is the concept of defining a section of the track as a block with a pre-defined start and end position. By applying the concept of block clearance, a block can be in either one of two conditions, being occupied, or being clear. This can only be done successfully if you can establish train integrity with a high degree of certainty. The uniquely patented method of supplying a solution to this problem is due to the combined experience of more than 50 years, among Inteletrack’s engineers.

The use of our proven product, the Inteletrack Telemeter, which establishes train completeness by measuring the brake pressure at the last wagon, together with the use of GPS technology, provides the perfect solution to establish train integrity. The system can be fitted with an on-board computer, which can be used to interact with the driver by displaying vital information regarding the status of his train right down to displaying speed limits and information boards. The option of adding a base station can allow for real-time tracking of trains and is an integral part of the block clearance system.

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