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Integrated Railway Passenger Information Systems and Digital Signage

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ICON Multimedia is a leading manufacturer of communications and passenger information systems (PIS) that can be incorporated into any railway network or digital signage for visual marketing in train stations.

Real-time passenger information displays

ICON Multimedia’s Deneva platform is a comprehensive solution that can be adapted for any digital display network.

Deneva allows railway companies to effectively and accurately show passenger information to enhance security. The programme is supported by a multi-language helpdesk available to clients.

The platform is designed to manage information for passengers on train times, delays and cancellations for effective travel planning.

ICON Multimedia platforms can be integrated into any rail network to provide accurate travel information.
Network communication allows for the passenger information systems to display accurate travel times.
Central control stations deliver accurate information about the network to passenger information systems for service updates.
Passenger information systems can incorporate third-party digital content.
Advertising is displayed alongside travel information.
ICON Multimedia passenger information programmes can be applied to any system indoors or outdoors.
Information display boards provide passengers with information on train times, delays and cancellations anywhere in the railway station.
The Deneva travel information programme supports any language on any device.

Deneva has been developed by ICON Multimedia as one of its high-tech systems and software solutions. Our clients guarantee our commitment to providing innovative, high-quality products.

Complete travel information systems for the railway industry

The Deneva PIS is available on any device to provide audio and visual travel information in any language.

It can be applied to any required hardware, either inside train stations or outdoors on platforms.

The system is managed through a web interface at a central control station (CSS). This delivers train traffic, system architecture and station information to the PIS.

Digital content on passenger information systems

Deneva combines the latest user experience with innovative technology for managing digital content.

The PIS can be integrated with various applications, including interactive displays, multi-channel support, proximity engagement and data analysis.

Advertising can be allocated separate space alongside train activity. The PIS is designed to display communication plans for corporate information and social media networks, as well as weather or news updates.

Deneva was created with the view of informing, entertaining, and increasing passenger comfort and satisfaction.

Customised railway information programmes

Deneva PIS features intermodal management for monitoring all modes of transport from a centralised post and distributing train information to the relevant stations or lines.

Third-party hardware and software solutions such as audio matrix, queue management or facial recognition are offered on the PIS. The system is interconnected with multiple external data sources worldwide such as real-time control systems, smart cities information system, open data and big data.

Security solutions can be installed to set-up high levels of user parameters, as well as access and system logs to meet legal and operational requirements. Real-time hardware control and supervision alerts are also available from the system.

The system has analytics software to measure audiences and proximity engagement. Comprehensive user reports can also be designed.

In terms of technology, interactive dashboards can be installed. To avoid technology becoming obsolete, updates can be scheduled to avoid additional renewal costs.

The system can be made interactive with various dashboards, as well as with PA systems to provide music and advertising messages.

Information systems developed for all railway station networks

ICON Multimedia provides solutions specifically adapted to each client, seeking to develop product extensions to ensure information systems can be integrated into any network.

The company’s broad experience in the transport industry allows it to offer development services and digital products for new business challenges for all transport and visual marketing services.

ICON Multimedia has its own experienced service desk, offering a personalised customer service to worldwide customers seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

We also advise and support clients at all stages from design and project management to operation and programme training.


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