ICON Multimedia is celebrating its 25th anniversary, gathering with more than 100 business partners, entrepreneurs and employees at its headquarters in Palencia, Spain.

During the commemoration act, ICON Multimedia R&D manager Rafael Hornos said: “ICON Multimedia is an example of passion and innovation. That’s the clue of this 25 years. We have accomplished this by constantly expanding our product, integrating new technologies into our solutions with just one goal: improve the efficiency of our customers”.

ICON Multimedia has also wanted to bring its technologies closer to everyone who wants to know more about them. For that reason, it has organised the exhibition ‘Once upon a time…computer science: from abacus to ICON Multimedia in vignettes and more’.

This playful educational exhibition presents a global picture of the evolution of computing through important events, relevant characters and key objects and devices in the history of computing.

Attendees will have the opportunity to view more than 200 historical pieces, including Enigma, that was used to decrypted German intelligence codes for the British government during the Second World War.

In addition to this, ICON Multimedia have wanted to show the latest technology of its passenger information systems, DENEVA, that includes digital signage that not only informs passengers but also entertains and allows customers to create marketing campaigns.