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505 Sansome Street, Suite 1800, San Francisco, CA 94117,Other, United States of America

505 Sansome Street, Suite 1800, San Francisco, CA 94117,Other, United States of America

Helm Financial Corporation provides operating leases of freight railcars and locomotives to railroads and shippers throughout North America. Additionally, Helm services the international rail marketplace through the sale and export of North American rolling stock and motive power. Our subsidiary, Helm Rail Equipment Services, supplies locomotive parts and components, diesel engines and diesel power parts to a wide range of rail, marine and industrial markets.

Helm Financial Corporation is the largest independent locomotive and railcar operating leasing company in North America. With a fleet of 850 locomotives and 22,000 railcars, Helm is well equipped to supply our customers with the broad range of rail equipment they require.

Rail equipment leasing in North America

With a diversified fleet of railcars and locomotives Helm Financial Corporation provides flexible operating leases and other creative equipment solutions for Class 1, regional, and short-line railroads, as well as industrial shippers.

Open-top hoppers for aggregates, rapid discharge hoppers and rotary gondolas for coal service, boxcars for general merchandise and specialty applications, and covered hoppers for agricultural and mineral uses, are just a few examples of the wide range of railcars Helm has available to lease.

Whether you need six-axle locomotives for heavy haul service or four-axle power for local and road-switching duty, Helm’s fleet of over 850 locomotives is available for lease to satisfy your requirements. SD40-2 and GP38-2 units comprise the bulk of the fleet while a variety of other EMD locomotives are on hand to meet even the most specific operating requirements.

Rail equipment export sales

Due to transportation, specification, and operating differences Helm does not offer equipment for lease outside of North America. However, Helm does offer North American freight equipment for sale and export to meet the needs of our valued international customers.

Shipping a locomotive is not a small task and one that requires experience and expertise. From preparing the equipment for transport to logistics support, Helm is well versed in the export of rail equipment throughout the world.

Locomotive parts and components, diesel power parts

Helm Rail Equipment Services (HRES) provides high quality used locomotives, parts and components for the entire the rail industry. In addition to rail customers, HRES supplies complete diesel engines and various diesel power parts to a wide range of marine and industrial markets.

HRES stocks complete component systems for the locomotive and diesel-engine marketplace. Complete diesel engines, traction motor / wheel combos, engine front ends, electrical lockers, cooling systems, and more are available for individual sale.

HRES is proud to provide our customers with the parts they need and the quality they demand. Whether it’s a new, remanufactured, or running take-out (RTO) product, everything we sell is backed by Helm Rail Equipment Services’ commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

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