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Voith Turbo

Connecting Forces - Driving Innovations Reliable Drive Components, Couplers and Service Concepts

Voith Turbo, a group division of Voith, is a specialist producer of hydrodynamic drive, coupling and braking systems for commercial vehicles, rail and industrial applications, as well as for the ship propulsion systems.

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89522 Heidenheim,

Voith: Connecting Forces, Driving Innovation

Voith Turbo, a group division of Voith, is a specialist producer of hydrodynamic drive, coupling and braking systems for commercial vehicles, rail and industrial applications, as well as for the ship propulsion systems.

T 312 bre turbo transmission – universal transmission

High efficiency and input power of up to 650kW make the T 312 bre a state-of-the-art transmission for high-speed railcars, which achieve speeds of up to 220km/h. It excels, with its smooth, almost wear-free start-up.

The transmission is insensitive to vibrations, as well as thermal and mechanical overloads. The T 312 features a service life of over 1.2m kilometers until the first major overhaul, depending on service conditions.

Rail couplers for light-rail vehicles and high-speed trains

The name Voith Turbo Scharfenberg still stands for quality and innovation after more than a century, since the concept of the automatic Scharfenberg coupler was born.

Over the years, incessant technical refinements and up-to-date technology have made the Schaku one of the world’s most prominent railway coupler systems, in use all with transportation including light-rail vehicles and high-speed trains.

Everything from one single source

Voith RailPack for Diesel DrivesVoith underlines its systems philosophy with the RailPack, a PowerPack for diesel drives, which can be fitted with hydrodynamic, electric and hydromechanical drives. The version on show features the hydrodynamic S111 transmission for rail applications in a power range up to 250kW.

On the strength of its robust technology it can cope with all operating and weather conditions, and requires only little maintenance. Combined with long oil-change intervals, this ensures continuously low operating costs. As a further installation option, Voith shows its hydromechanical DIWARail transmission.

The hydrodynamic brake significantly minimises wear on mechanical brakes. Due to the parallel shaft reversing transmission of the DIWARail, reversing on the gear units is no longer required. This reduces the mass of the gear unit, resulting in less wear and improved running properties. Towing trips while the engine is switched off are also possible.

System service at Voith

While the term ‘Service’ used to be mainly associated with repairs and spare parts, Voith now proves exactly the opposite with modern service concepts. This includes just-in-time schemes, with overhauls within a precisely defined window or preventative overhauls, as well as exchange pools for transmissions and Scharfenberg couplers.

Under the heading ‘Systems Service’ Voith goes one step further. At its location in Kiel, Voith carries out major overhauls of entire vehicles. In the future, the site will offer the removal and reinstallation of complete bogies, within one day. The removed bogies are overhauled, while the operator will be able to put his vehicle back to work the following day with the serviced exchange unit.

The all-inclusive scheme helps operators to reduce downtimes. At the same time, the overhaul periods are used by Voith to upgrade drive components to the latest technical standards, repairing damaged vehicles or integrating completely new systems into the vehicle infrastructure. Such product improvements are at the heart of the modern Voith service concept.

About Voith

Founded in 1867, Voith employs more than 39,000 people, generates €5.3bn in sales, operates in around 50 countries worldwide and is today one of the largest family owned companies in Europe.

Voith sets standards in the energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials and transportation and automotive markets.

West Coast Main Line

The modernisation of the 399-mile (641.6km) rail route between London and Glasgow and its key divergences to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, was the largest rail project to date in the UK.

Shinkansen, Japan

Japan is where regular, high-speed railways were born. The country’s Shinkansen ‘Bullet Train’ network has been developed over more than 50 years and covers all main trunk routes.

Docklands Light Railway Capacity Upgrade

Since opening in 1987, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) has been central to the regeneration of east London. Now its significance is far greater than originally envisaged.

Amsterdam Metro / Light Rail Network by GVB

The largest single order for new-generation light rail vehicles was placed by the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as part of a major exercise to replace its antiquated fleet of 234 trams, which have become increasingly unreliable.

Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou Metro is a light rail transit system in the city of Guanghzou (formerly known as Canton) in China. It is the fourth metro system to be introduced in Mainland China.

Brussels Metro and Tram Network

Public transport in the 19 communes of the Belgian capital and some adjoining areas is operated by STIB/MIVB (Societ


Boosted by hosting the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona on Spain's north-east coast has continued to grow in reputation and


Exports of agricultural products from the central western region of Brazil are seen as one of the country's most importa

Berlin U-Bahn Upgrading

The city-state of Berlin has a long-established underground network, with the first trains running in 1902. The system h

DB German Railways Rates Voith as Outstanding

DB German Railways has rewarded Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik (VTLT) for its product quality and commercial performance. The rail operator has assessed VTLT's services from the quotation for 130 locomotives type Gravita 10BB right through to the delivery of the first vehicles. With the top ranking

Voith Delivers Complete Driveline for Helsinki Tram

Helsinki City Transport (HKL) has placed an order with the Finnish vehicle manufacturer Transtech for the delivery of 40 new trams. As a partner of Transtech, Voith will supply the entire traction equipment from pantograph to the wheels. The first trams will be delivered in 2013. For t

Norbert Klapper to Lead Market Division Rail

As of 1 January 2011, Norbert Klapper (47) has assumed the management of the Voith Turbo market division rail. Over the last few months, the market division had been temporarily headed by the chairman of the management board of Voith Turbo, Peter Edelmann. Klapper has been working for Voith since

Voith Turbo Presents Components for Eco-Friendly and Efficient Rail Vehicles

At InnoTrans 2010 Voith Turbo presented components which reduce operating costs, as well as fuel consumption and emissions – all under the motto 'The Future of Rail Technologies'. Voith Turbo is making an active contribution to backing the growing need for higher mobility with sustainable technol

Voith Turbo Develops Rail Vehicle Heads for Passenger Trains

Safety and energy consumption - in rail traffic, both are strongly dependent on the vehicle head. In order to optimise these aspects, Voith Turbo Scharfenberg will in future also build rail vehicle heads for passenger trains. They are developed and produced almost completely from fibre compounds

Voith Turbo Presents New Locomotive

Voith Turbo presents the second locomotive from the Gravita range with central driver's cabin: the Gravita 15 BB. The locomotive is suitable for both shunting and mainline service. The Gravita 15 BB can be universally used. It is suitable for both for light mainline and heavy shunting

New TLM from Voith Turbo Enables Undisturbed Data Transmission on the Train

The new Train Line Modem (TLM) from Voith Turbo Scharfenberg controls the uninterfered transmission of high data volumes. It establishes an Ethernet connection between coupled rail vehicles and handles the entire internal and external data transfer. The transfer occurs via existing lines.

New Adapter Coupler Provides Almost 50% Weight Savings

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg, TU Chemnitz and the manufacturer of fibre compound components, East-4D, have, in close cooperation, developed a new adapter coupler for rail vehicles. The coupler is made from carbon fibre Komposit (CFK), titanium and aluminium, and provides weight savings of almost 50&#

First Voith-Engine for Rail Vehicles

Since March, Voith Turbo has been a recognised engine manufacturer approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). This status was preceded by nearly one and a half years of development work. In December last year, the first diesel engine for rail use jointly developed by Voith an

Chinese Vehicle Manufacturer Delivers Railcars to Tunisian State Railways

For China, this order is a milestone in the country's continuously growing export business. In January 2010, the association of southern Chinese rail vehicle manufacturers China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock (CSR), which also includes Puzhen Rolling Stock, received an official c

Voith Turbo to Deliver 1,830 Couplers to Belgian State Railways

Brussels, the 'European City of Congestion', is currently making efforts to reduce its urban car traffic. From 2011, Belgian State Railways will put 305 new three-car electric trains in service for regional traffic in the Belgian capital. The background for this fleet upgrade is an initiative to

Voith Delivers Cooling Systems for Saudi Arabian Trains

From May 2010, Voith Turbo will deliver a comprehensive cooling system to the Spanish vehicle manufacturer CAF, which is producing eight push-pull units for Saudi Arabia to be configured as six-car diesel-electric trains. The power cars feature two MTU diesel engines, each rated at

Voith Delivers Turbo Transmissions for Taiwan Rolling Stock Corporation

The manufacturer Taiwan Rolling Stock Corporation (TRSC) is currently building two overhead inspection vehicles for the vehicle operator Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). Capable of maximum speeds of 120km/hr, they will be used for maintaining the track network for high-speed traffic.

ECO Components Set Standards in Hybrid-technology

ECO components for rail vehicles help to save fuel, reduce noise and minimise harmful emissions. They add to the ecological advantage of rail vehicles and thus underline the position of rail traffic as a truly sustainable traffic carrier. Based on its long experience in designing rail vehicles, V

Voith Expands Product Portfolio with Traction Inverter

The traction inverter is another core component of the electro-mechanical drive system of Voith Turbo. As a result, the competency of Voith Turbo in rail vehicles now ranges from vehicle process control technology up to the entire driveline, consisting of high-voltage equipment, traction inverter

First Monorail Trains in Bombay to Be Equipped With Voith Turbo Technology

The city of Bombay is currently building its first monorail network. The 20-km track is scheduled to be put into service in June 2011. For the first 15 trains, Voith Turbo Scharfenberg will deliver 30 vehicle heads equipped with advanced crash management systems. As soon as February 2010, the fir

New Driver Assistance System from Voith Turbo

Hybridisation is increasingly an issue for the rail vehicle industry. In 2008, Voith Turbo presented the SteamTrac/SteamDrive in the EcoPack – a drive system that is nearing series maturity, which can be installed separately or additionally in railcars or locomotives for hydrostatic recuperation.

Systems Solutions for Repowering and Upgrading of Vehicles

New exhaust regulations, increasing demands on traveling comfort and obsolete technologies force owners and operators of rail vehicles to think about reinvestment. The best example: the fully privatised rail vehicle market in the UK. As a leading systems supplier for the rail industry, Voith Turb

The New Voith Turbo Scharfenberg Coupler Head One4

The new Voith Turbo Scharfenberg coupler head One4 was launched at InnoTrans in 2006. Since then, it has been installed in over 2,000 vehicles. Train operators utilise the advantages of the One4. These are: fast delivery, quick assembly and affordable repairs in the event of accidents.

DIWApack from Voith Turbo for Power Class Up To 320kW

Voith Turbo's rail division has announced details of further innovative systems solutions for railcars. Now, with the Voith DIWApack, a complete drive package has come on to the market, which should provide growth in the power class of up to 390kW. Voith Turbo believes that the drive package is p

Voith Turbo Unveils New Driver Assistance System

Hybridisation is increasingly an issue for the rail vehicle industry. Last year Voith Turbo presented the SteamTrac/SteamDrive in the EcoPack – a drive system that is nearing series maturity and can be installed separately or additionally in railcars or locomotives for hydrostatic recuperation.

Voith Turbo Offers Systems for Repowering and Upgrading Vehicles

New exhaust regulations, increasing demands on travelling comfort and obsolete technologies force owners and operators of rail vehicles to think about reinvestment. The best example of this is the fully privatised rail vehicle market in the UK. As a leading systems supplier for the rai

Voith Turbo to Support Intercity Express Programme with Cooling Systems:

Some 134 Voith Turbo cooling systems have been in service in the British class 43 HST high-speed trains for several years. Up to 15,000 operating hours per vehicle are quite common. Following the intercity express programme (IEP) launched by the British Department for Transport, these trains will

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg Unveils Coupler Head One4

The new Voith Turbo Scharfenberg coupler head One4 was launched at InnoTrans in 2006. Since then it has been installed in more than 2,000 vehicles. Train operators enjoy the advantages of the One4, which include fast delivery, quick assembly and affordable repairs in the event of accidents.

New Product Catalogue for Voith Universal Joint Shafts

A completely revised product catalogue describing its line of universal joint shafts is now available from the drive specialist Voith Turbo. The catalogue contains not only technical data on universal joint shafts, but also presents complementing products and services. The operating principle o

Metro-Boom in Growth Market India

Over the last seven years, Voith Turbo has delivered 600 final drives to India for the metro trains in Delhi. The operator Delhi Metro Railway Co. is firmly convinced of the reliability of the drives and has just ordered another 312 drive units. These new type SE-344 final drives will

Systems Approach Successful in Ghana

Voith Turbo will equip new suburban rail vehicles of the Chinese manufacturer Tanshang Locomotive with eight motor-transmission units each. The special feature of this order: the new suburban trains will be put in service in Ghana. For this first contract for Central Africa, Voith not o

Private Railway Relies on Powerful Voith Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives

The Brandenburg-based private rail operator Havellandische Eisenbahn AG (HVLE) has ordered two Maxima 40 CC locomotives from Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik and thus made a systems decision in favor of the new Voith locomotive in the field of heavy six-axle diesel locomotives. The vehicles will be d

Large-Capacity Carriages for Ile-de-France Commuter Trains

In early 2008, the first of altogether 344 modern one4 couplers will be delivered to Bombardier by Voith Turbo Scharfenberg. The rail vehicle manufacturer has received a major order from SNCF French state railways for a total of 372 trains. 172 "Ile-de-France" commuter trains will be in service i

Central Workshop for Voith Locomotives in Europe

Voith has entered into a new cooperation regarding the service and maintenance of its first in-house-built locomotive. With Häöfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG (HGK), an experienced partner with direct works sidings will in future carry out all service and maintenance work on Voith's o

First-Generation High-Speed-Trains to be Modernised

Five years ago, Voith Turbo supplied the first cooling systems for British High-Speed Trains (HST). In total, 35 cooling systems were installed into the HSTs of the rail operator First Great Western Trains. These cooling systems for the first-generation HST vehicles have enjoyed excelle

20 Front-End Modules for 10 Trains – More to Come

Korea is currently in the process of building a high-speed railway line between Daegu and Busan, which is to be completed by 2010. Further such high-speed tracks are planned. The existing and future lines will be used for the new KTX II. This train is a further development of the TGV-ba

Restoring Speed and Reliability of ICE 3 Trains

High-speed trains enjoy enormous popularity throughout Europe. The ICE 3 trains of DB German Railways have been strongly frequented – and not only since the opening of the high-speed route from Paris to Stuttgart or Frankfurt. The trains are fitted with Scharfenberg couplers type ten an

250 Times Around the World – And Never a Standstill

On average, the Voith powerpacks that drive the diesel-hydraulic Class 185 DMUs on the Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes route have only been in operation for approximately one year, but they have already done more than 10 million kilometers. After taking up service, none of the Voith Powerpacks

Major Order for Voith Turbo From Spanish Manufacturer CAF

The Spanish railway industry is currently experiencing a veritable boom. Over the last few years, numerous high-speed routes have been built and put into service. Additionally, large sums of money are being spent on the modernization of branch lines. The Spanish vehicle manufacturer CAF

60 Front-Ends for New High-Speed Trains

The second-generation Talgo 350 features several components by Voith Turbo Scharfenberg. Until October 2008, the first of 60 front ends with couplers and cross beams will be delivered, each consisting of a complete front nose and cabin roof. Voith Turbo Scharfenberg has already equipped Talgo 250

With Scharfenberg Couplers Through Mexico City

With 25 million inhabitants, Mexico City is one of the largest metropolises in the world and runs a 200km network of metro lines, 113km of which are underground. The transport operator Sistea de Transporte Collectivo has just ordered 1,200 new short couplers from Voith Turbo Scharfenberg for its

Underneath the Desert at 110 Miles per Hour

Dubai has just started with the construction work for a new metro system that is to lead right across the desert. The new Dubai Metro will be able to move 355 million passengers. As early as 2009 - this is the plan - the first trains of a total of three lines are to be rolled out. All of the vehi

Handover of First of 240 DLoco Locomotives with Voith Final Drives

The first of a total of 240 electric goods locomotives, built by Chinese rail vehicle manufacturer DLoco with Voith Turbo final drives, was recently handed over to the Chinese Ministry of Railway in a festive ceremony. Voith Turbo supplies a total of 1,440 final drives and drive compon

Lower Exhaust Emissions and Higher Speeds

Some 350 vehicles of the Regio Shuttle are already in operation. In line with the exhaust regulations that will come into force in 2009 (Stage III a), new Regio Shuttles will not only receive new diesel engines. For the modified vehicle, Voith Turbo will also supply a technical package consistin

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg: Safety First

In recent years, the railway industry has been focusing increasingly on the active and passive safety of railway vehicles. Being one of the leading manufacturers in this field, Voith Turbo Scharfenberg has taken up this chal-lenge and offers the full range of frontend energy absorbing compone

Voith Turbo Becomes Systems Supplier Thanks to Maxima® and Gravita®

The Maxima 40 CC is the first vehicle that has been designed and produced exclusively by Voith Turbo. At InnoTrans 2006, the world's most powerful diesel-hydraulic locomotive will be exhibited on the outside display area. But there is more: Voith Turbo is presenting a complete locomotive program.

Safer Driving and Better Protection of the Environment with Voith-Powerpacks

Protecting resources, minimizing emissions and reducing noise - these are not just buzzwords, but clear indicators for action, to which a systems supplier such as Voith Turbo responds firmly with innovations. With the presentation of its concept study ECOpack at Innotrans 2006, Voith Turbo sh

Regional Railway in Bari Orders Pesa Vehicles

In collaboration with the Polish rail vehicle manufacturer PESA, Voith Turbo will deliver 26 Custompacks to the private regional railway operator FSE (Ferrovie del Sud-Est) in Bari. The Voith Turbo Custompacks will be delivered in close co-operation with the Polish vehicle manufacturer, in order

New Modular Coupler Head for All Coupler Types

Like any revolutionary idea, the concept behind Voith Turbo Scharfenberg's new one4® coupler head is so simple that many people had the same question in mind when it was officially presented early in May: "How come nobody has invented that yet?" The one4 head represents a radical simplificat

From Istanbul to Ankara in Only Three Hours

HEIDENHEIM - Every year, some 12 million people are traveling between the Turkish cities Istanbul and Ankara - most of them by road or by plane. With a market share of only 10 percent, train travelers are somewhat in the minority. This will change over the next few years, as Turkey is cur

Easy Track Change Between Spain and France

HEIDENHEIM - The Talgo 250 is a very attractive train. Its aerodynamic power car reveals what kind of rail vehicle we are dealing with - a high-speed train. The Talgo, which is in service in Spain and in France, is now overcoming another technical obstacle: the gauge widths between the tw

Longest S-Bahn Train Takes Commuters to Stockholm

In the longest S-Bahn train of the world, the X60 by Alstom, Voith Turbo is represented with the newly developed SZ-400 final drive. The prototype vehicles that were completed in 2005 have passed their test series, among those tough winter trials in Sweden. With the X60, the operator S

Voith Turbo Receives Further Order From Rotem

HEIDENHEIM - Rotem, Korea has received an order from Syrian State Railways (CFS), for ten five-car vehicles. The railcars, capable of maximum speeds of 160 km/h, will be used in long-distance service between Damascus and Aleppo. Voith Turbo will equip these vehicles with proven Voith comp

Robust Drives for the Most Powerful Six-Axle Goods Locomotive

HEIDENHEIM - A total of 240 electric goods locomotives of the Chinese manufacturer DLoco will be fitted with Voith final drives and transmission components by the end of 2007. The six-axle goods locomotive in question - with 7500 kW the most powerful of the DLoco series - will rece

Service Contract Signed with Bombardier Transportation

In recent years, the rail industry has been undergoing a rapid transformation - especially in the service business. In the past, service was mostly carried out separately by the end user. Today, vehicle manufacturers are expected to offer the option of service, preferably hand in hand with the sa

Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik in Kiel

On 30 May 2006, Peter Edelmann, Board Member of Voith AG, and Hinrich Krey, Executive Vice President of Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik, opened the new building of Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik in Kiel. The ceremony took place in the presence of numerous representatives from politics, business and in

122 British High-Speed-Trains with Voith Turbo Cooling Systems

Success for Voith Turbo in the keenly-contested British rail market: From May 2006, the Voith Turbo Market Area Rail will deliver the first of a total of 87 cooling systems of the second series for the HST (High-Speed-Train) Class 43. In 2002 and 2003, Voith Turbo supplied 35 such cooling system

Major Overhaul of 636 Final Drives for Alstom Transport UK

Transmissions from Voith Turbo are renowned for their robustness and long service life. But higher mileages still require regular maintenance and, after a certain time, a major overhaul of the transmission. Voith Turbo supplies original spare parts for this purpose. Alstom Transport UK is making

Electronic Control of the Future: The Robust and Compact VTCsmart

With the VTCsmart, Voith Turbo has developed a completely new control system that is tailor-made for rail applications and perfectly combines robustness and accuracy. The first installation of the new control system for cooling units will take place in the diesel-electric BB 460000 shunting locom

New Diesel Railcars for Moscow Rail

Next year, Russian State Railways will introduce a new generation of three-car diesel railcars in Moscow. For this project, Voith Turbo will deliver a total of 65 turbo transmissions to the Russian company Metrowagonmasch where these railcars are built. The first 36 transmissions type T 211 re.3

New Diesel Railcars for Irish Rail

Next year, several three- and six-car railcars will be put in service by Irish Rail all around Dublin. Voith Turbo supplies a total of 120 T 211 re.4 + KB 190 turbo transmissions to Rotem, where these railcars are manufactured. The transmissions will be delivered to MTU in Friedrichshafen fro

Unique Transmission for Rail Vehicles

Worldwide, there is no comparable transmission in this power class: the L 311 reV2 has been developed by Voith Turbo especially for rail construction vehicles and small locomotives with transmission input powers of up to 600kW. And all this in the record time of only 12 months. With

“Flirt” Whizzes Through the North-East of Hesse – in Bifurcated Traffic

The new commuter platform of Stadler Rail AG, carrying the sympathetic name "Flirt", will go into service in the north-east of Hesse starting 2006. A total of 14 three-car and six four-car commuter trains will then operate in the area between the cities of Kassel, Fulda, Bebra and Göttingen - "us

Front Noses for New Chinese High Speed Trains

The growing Chinese market has reached the doors of the Voith Turbo rail division. Only a few months ago, a major order for gear boxes has been placed, now followed by another one for 20 front nose sections. Supplied by Voith Turbo Scharfenberg, they will be used on new high speed trains, plann

Smooth Coupling, Secure Contacts

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg has developed a new electric-pneumatic coupling system for AAR couplers (American Association of Railway) or Tightlock couplers. The new coupling system protects the electric components during the coupling procedure and simultaneously ensures the reliable transmission of

SE-377-Final Drives to be Built at York (PA)

Some 45,000 passengers will in future be able to travel the 31 miles between Randolph-Street Station and University Park in Chicago in new "Highliner Cars". As part of a modernization project, Metra Chicago is replacing a total of 165 of its obsolete Highliner Cars. For the first new vehicles, Vo

Voith Turbo Develops its Own Diesel-Hydraulic High-Performance Locomotive

Diesel-hydraulic drive concepts in the power class up to 2,500kW have firmly established themselves with state railways, private rail operators and leasing companies in recent years. The reason for this success are the low investment and operating costs of hydrodynamic drive technolo

360 Drives Plus Matching Know-How

There is almost no other country that currently records growth rates as enormous as those achieved by China. The gross domestic product of the 5.6 million metropolis, Dalian, in north-eastern China, increased by more than 15% last year. Dalian is also the home of DLoco, one of the country’s leadi

Progressive Assembly Reduces Lead Times by One Third

With the Voith Powerpack, a drive system consisting of engine, turbo transmission, cooling unit and electronic control unit combined in a Voith Flexframe, Voith Turbo has made a name for itself in the rail industry as a systems supplier. In order to optimize the assembly of its Powerpacks, Voith

Siemens Transportation Systems Places Major Order with Voith Turbo

Siemens Transportation Systems has placed a major order with Voith Turbo GmbH Co. KG for the delivery of 156 drive systems for the “Desiro” diesel railcar, which will be in service in the United Kingdom. Worth over 40 million Euro, the project represents the largest single order so

17 Locos for Algeria, another 13 for the Netherlands

Two orders for transmission deliveries for small locomotives of state railway companies in Algeria and the Netherlands prove: the contract goes to the bidder who can offer the right product for the required application. In both cases, the application required a flexible, agile and reliable shun

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg Refurbishes 230 Couplers

Well before the start of the 2004 Summer Olympics, the commuter trains of the Athens Piraeus Electric Railways (ISAP) will be modernised. Twenty-three trainsets totalling 115 cars be equipped with a new automatic train control. Voith Turbo Scharfenberg was awarded the contract for

Voith Transmissions and Couplers for Guangzhou Metro Lines

HEIDENHEIM/SHANGHAI. Two years ago the way was paved for Voith Turbo Power Transmission, a new subsidiary company of the Heidenheim engineering company Voith AG. In its capacity as the Chinese sales, production and service outlet, the new company ensures optimum closeness to the market and th

Control Competence Now Also for Complete

For approximately 10 years now, Voith turbo transmissions have been fitted with electronic micro-processor control systems. The 3000th Voith Turbo Control unit has just been delivered to Alstom DDF in France. "With our systems, we are in a position to integrate the control technolo

First of 180 Voith Powerpack Railcar Drive Packages to leave Voith Turbo

The prototype of a complete railcar drive package has been operating successfully at PKP Polish State Railways in the south of Gdansk for nearly a year now. With the drive package, Voith Turbo is pursuing a new development in the rail market, offering the classic Voith components turb

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