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Industrial and Rail Transportation Control Systems

Since its founding in 1991, UniControls has been systematically engaged in the development, production and installation of control systems and of electronic equipment in the fields of rail transportation and industrial monitoring.

2257 Krenicka,
100 00 Praha 10,
Czech Republic

Unicontrols lead

Since its founding in 1991, UniControls has been systematically engaged in the development, production and installation of control systems and of electronic equipment in the fields of rail transportation and industrial monitoring.

UniControls specialises principally in applications requiring a high-degree of reliability in demanding work environments. The path taken, in the direction of highly innovative products, corresponds with the company’s goal of being known as a leading and internationally recognised supplier of control systems and related comprehensive services. The company’s success is based on its stability, reliability and long-term cooperation with its customers, employees and partners.

UniControls is a member of associations and standardisation working groups that are involved with railway technologies, and is certified in accordance with IRIS, ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.

The company is export oriented. Systems produced by UniControls have been in operation, successfully, on a long-term basis in many countries, both in Europe and beyond.


The UNITRACK TCMSe and TCMS platforms implement the control, monitoring and diagnostic functions at vehicle and train levels.

The TCMSe integrates the main processing unit, display units, I/O systems and the communication infrastructure consisting of Ethernet, MVB and CAN networks, with the TCMS doing the same for WTB train bus and MVB, CAN and Ethernet vehicle busses. With the use of wireless networks, both systems ensure data transmission is securebetween the train and ground systems.


The UNITRACJ TELEDIAG is an autonomous diagnostic system that collects train data, processes it to detect faults, and stores the diagnostic results. It ensures the wireless transmission of the diagnostic data to the ground server, which provides it for the applications of railway operators, the infrastructure manager and the vehicle manufacturer.


UNITRACK PIREDI is a comprehensive multimedia passenger information, reservation and diagnostic system, suitable for all types of passenger transport from urban to long-distance trains. Based on a scalable and modular architecture, it can be easily adapted to diverse train operator requirements. It complies with the UIC 176 leaflet and relevant technical specifications for interoperability.


The UNITRACK CAM is an on-board network video surveillance system for the real-time monitoring of passenger compartments, doors and platforms using both indoor and outdoor cameras. The system is based on video streaming over the Ethernet, which connects IP cameras and network video recorders.


UNITRACK PAS Is a train public address system providing voice announcements to passengers and enabling private communication between the driver and crew members. The announcements can be broadcasted to the entire train, or addressed to a coach or compartment. The audio signal is distributed digitally over the ethernet and /or analogue network using a UIC cable.

Energy Meters

The energy meters ELM-101 and ELM-201 are designed especially for energy metering on-board electric traction vehicles. They can measure both DC and AC signals of any existing traction supply system (1.5kV DC, 3kV DC, 15kV/16.7Hz, 25kV/50Hz). Moreover, they are also suitable for multisystem locomotives using more than one electrification system.

The energy meters combine the task of measuring active and reactive energy consumed and regenerated, both capacitive and inductive, recording load profiles at one minute intervals, measuring of instantaneous values (voltages, currents), and the monitoring of the minimums and maximums of values measured.

The energy meters meet the requirements of standards EN 50463 for Class 0.5 and EN 50470 for Class C energy meters. They can be supplied with a calibration certificate enabling its use for billing purposes.

ELM-201 meter can wirelessly transmit the measured data over the GSM / GSM-R / UMTS and WiFi networks. An integrated GPS receiver adds position information to the load profiles and is used for time synchronization.

Other ERS Unicontrols Products Include:

  • Driver machine interface (DMI), including LCD touch-screen display and keyboard
  • Speedometer
  • Event recorder with local I/O
  • Wireless data transfer units

UniControls: Corporate Profile

The joint stock company UniControls was founded in 1991. At present it has more than 150 employees, most of them with a high qualification. The company has its own development, production and testing capacities. Strategic orientation on supplies of up-to-date system solutions, a high share of research and development work in the permanent process of innovations and consistent customer orientation are a part of the corporate vision which is built upon the creative skills of the company staff.

UniControls at EXPO Ferroviaria 2016

UniControls will participate in the 7th edition of international trade fair EXPO Ferroviaria, which will take place between 5-7 April 2016 in Turin, Italy.

UniControls’ Success in the European Business Awards

UniControls has achieved great success in the European Business Awards. Over the last few months we have been keeping you up to date on our progress and results, with the company excelling in the contest.

UniControls Gains International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Certification

UniControls has, for its key spheres of activity (including traction drives, vehicle on-board control systems, passenger information systems and communication systems) successfully completed the certification process confirming conformity with the requirements of IRIS Rev.01. The IRIS certificate

UniControls a.s. Will Sell Manufacture Technology to China

UniControls a.s. has signed a letter of intent on the manufacture technology transfer with China Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation. The agreement was signed in china, mid-December by the General Manager of UniControls - Mr. Petr Stroner. Chinese and Czec

UniControls Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Company BHEL

UniControls has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with important Indian company BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited). The memorandum covers several projects in the field of rail transportation in India. The activity of a daughter company, UniControls Electronics Czech Pvt. Ltd, in Bangalore

Annual Conference & General Assembly UNIFE in Prague

The Annual Conference & General Assembly of UNIFE - (Union of European Railway Industries) will take place in Prague from 18-20 May. It has been organized in co-operation with ACRI (Association of the Czech Railway Industry). Company UniControls is a member of both these important associati

Activities of UniControls in Russia and Ukraine

A prestigious award in the contest "Made in Peterburg" has been granted to a new generation metro trainset with asynchronous drive under reference No. 81-553, 81-554 and 81-555, produced by St Peterburg´s factory Vagonmash, a member of Dedal group. UniControls designed, produced and

Czech Technology on the North American Railways

UniControls a.s. has just signed a contract with the Canadian company Quester Tangent Corporation to provide technology transfer of communication module TCN-WTB / LonWorks developed by UniControls a.s. The specified modules are designed for train sets operating in the Northwest of USA.

UniControls confirms World Quality

UniControls, a.s., leading Czech supplier of industrial control systems has been certified for the development and manufacture of products for civil aviation according to the international specification JAR-21, thus completing successfully the process of implementing this quality specification withi

UniControls, a.s.

2257 Krenicka

100 00 Praha 10


Czech Republic